Monday, 14 July 2008

Happy Mondays

Saturday night I went to a party. It was held by Gemma's mum at her house up near Peterborough and in attendance were three people who all celebrate their birthday on July 17th. I was one of them. We ate, drank and were merry long into the night, and even the three evil midgets, masquerading as children, hitting each other with sticks, seemed to enjoy themselves.

Over the past week I've been carrying my notebook around with me a lot more than usual and every time I have an idea I scribble it down. Last Wednesday alone I filled 6 pages. SIX! I didn't know I had it in me. Problem is that I now realise there aren't enough hours in the day to fulfil this many ingenious brainwaves. Especially when I go wasting 10 minutes a day writing here. At one of my old office jobs "back in the day" we were sent for time management training. A bald man with a flip chart asked us all to make a list of our daily tasks, including things such as making tea, going to the toilet, and then put them into one of four categories which essentially rated their importance. At the end of the exercise we were told that everything in category four was un-important and should be eliminated from our daily schedules. I looked down at my paper to see 95% of my writing in said category, next to a stickman drawing of my friend in a compromising situation with the bald teacher. One week later I handed in my notice. Three years later I'm still wasting my time with stickmen.

Here's a video of 'Spoils Of War' by Pavilion, released via Alcopop in August. If the chorus doesn't stick in your head for the rest of the day you're probably a comb-over sporting old man leading training sessions.

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Anonymous said...

a stickman drawing of my friend in a compromising situation with the bald teacher

Is that Alcopop Jack being 'schooled' by his bald, female teacher from his haunted past?