Thursday, 10 July 2008

Footy footy footy!

Last night the official draw for the 2008 Big Scary Monsters Records 5-a-side football tournament took place at a secret location in London. As you will see from the below video (proving that no fixture rigging took place - as outrageously claimed 12 months ago!) it was a very professional and organised do, with the captain of last years winning team, Sam Duckworth from Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, taking responsibility of drawing the names from the Tesco bag.

The tournament takes place on Sunday 27th July at the Linford Christie Sports Centre. Linford's attendance is yet to be confirmed but what is already known is that Secondsmile don't stand a chance, Group A is all about the press, NME are going to get ripped apart by the labels finest and Alcopop actually have a chance of progressing through to the semi's this year.

Only joking. Well, apart from the bits about Secondsmile, Group A and NME.

Each team plays the other three in their group, in heated 15 minute-long games, before the winners of A and B and C and D face off in the semi's. By 5pm a new winner be crowned.

To read more about this years competition, go to or click here to read all about 2007's event. And here is the 2008 draw in full:

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Martin said...

I want to compete next year!