Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Big day

What a day. I'm heading into London in a couple of hours time as Tubelord record their first Radio One session at Maida Vale, Secondsmile have a Kerrang photo shoot and to complete my joy, I've just found out that Colin Murray played Blakfish on his Radio One show last night. "It's like 17 different bands in one song... We like this a lot... Top tune." One day I hope to befriend Mr Murray. We'll play football and watch poker together, probably arguing long into the night about whether or not you should fold a King/10 unsuited hand. Maybe go to Ireland where I'll gently break the news that I don't like Guinness and he'll tell me everything's going to be ok by giving me a supportive pat on the back and passing over some Irish whiskey.

Sticking firmly in reality, last night I had a slightly odd dream. Portugal were playing Italy in some form of important football match but I decided watching on English TV wasn't good enough, so walked across the short bridge into Europe. Upon arrival on the continent I looked up at a small signpost and decided to head straight into Denmark, which was actually Belgium. Carrying my inflatable crocodile (standard for any walks into Europe) I headed straight into a bar I remembered enjoying the last time I was in the country, found a seat, looked sternly at anyone who dared to question why I was carrying a plastic reptile (close-minded idiots), and prepared myself for kick off. Just as the whistle was about to blow a voice came out of nowhere announcing that Rival Schools featuring Koko B. Ware were about to play in the back room. I raced through to find a disappointingly small crowd, given the fact that one of my all-time favourite bands were about to play live with a 90's professional wrestler. Some people have no clue! Unfortunately I awoke before I found out if he had his parrot with him. I wonder what Walter would have thought to my crocodile? I bet Colin Murray would like it.

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John Lawson said...

Yep, I heard good old Colin play Blakfish out last night on R1 as well, huzzah! He's more of a lager drinker though. Can't wait for the Tubelord stuff.