Tuesday, 15 July 2008


If you only do three alcohol-punned things today, make it these three:

1) Download the FREE Alcopop sampler, 'AQA Does Not Much Care For Alcopop, Pimm's Is Delicious', by clicking on the below image. It features 6 tracks from Sam Isaac, Pavilion, This City, Cut The Blue Wire, My First Tooth and goFASTER and is worth at least a million times it's price of £0.00. Plus there's some frankly ridiculous artwork included.

2) Check out the new Alcopodcast on iTunes. From the lovely lads behind the regular BSM Podcast, this episode features exclusive live recordings and interviews with Sam Isaac and Pavilion, along with music from Data.Select.Party, Cut The Blue Wire and This City. It's available from http://www.bsmrocks.com/ (multimedia section) or iTunes

3) And finally, buy a ticket to Alcopopalooza. Probably the most amount of bands you could ever hope to see for just £6:

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