Thursday, 31 July 2008

Radio waves

BT are still ruining my life. "Your phone will be working by 8pm Monday, sir" they lied. It's now 12pm Thursday and still no sign of life. Tuesday morning they claimed the fault had been fixed, Wednesday they tell me two engineers have been out, banging on our front door and ringing my mobile (pants on fire) and Thursday they send me a text saying they're still working on Tuesdays faults. Dicks. I'm still hitting it internet cafe style, hating life.

In better news, Steve Lamacq made '50 Not Out' his alternative album of the week on Monday nights Radio One show. Listen back (scroll to the 55 minute mark) here. Also, Huw Stephens and Dan P Carter (Rock Show) have jumped on the Blakfish loving bandwaggon - and rightly so - by both dropping their track 'Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man' on their shows this week. You can buy 'See You In Another City' by Blakfish from and will receive '50 Not Out' completely free. If that's not brilliant I don't know what is.

Gotta go, apparently a BT engineer will be calling round to the house in half an hours time.

Yours, in the breath holding anticipation

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

New home

What a few days. Thursday was the mayhem of the Blakfish mini-album launch party in London, including drunkeness and the insuing stage invasion, Friday was the start of the house moving extraveganza, Alcopopalooza and it's 13 bands, massive BBQ and incredible heat Saturday, then the prestigious BSM 5-a-side football tournament Sunday. I honestly don't think I've stopped sweating since 9am Thursday. I'm just happy the summer made it here in the end.

Right now I'm in a dodgy little internet cafe on Cowley Road in Oxford. I had hoped to be setup online in the house by now but thanks to BT and the latest in their catalogue of errors it might be a few more days yet. I'm living in a flat for the first time in my life and have a constant feeling of being on holiday, which is pretty cool I guess. I also still have access to our old house for a few more days, so another first is the fact that I'm now a tennant in a 3 bedroom Oxford city outskirts house and a city centre flat. Makes me sound rich. Or stupid. I wish reality wasn't so close to the latter.

So the football tournament was great fun. Punktastic beat Rolo Tomassi/Mirror! Mirror! in a tense final after Lokomotive Moscow (Forward Russia/iLIKETRAINS) and This Town Needs Guns/Pennines went out in the semi's. Unfortunately BSM failed to qualify from their group, despite crushing Hassle 6-1 and putting 4 past Secondsmile in a thoroughly convincing rout. The real winners though were Blakfish for their rowdy, puking, drunk performance as a bunch of lairy midlanders scaling fences, stripping off and generally putting the fun back into the sport. Good times, although I think I may have sweated away a very valuable stone or two.

Blog Scary Monsters will be back in full swing shortly, just as soon as BT pull their finger out... Don't hold your breath.

Friday, 25 July 2008


Moving house. Offline. Very difficult times. See you next week.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


It's with huge, stepover-crazy, heart-racing excitement we can tell you that the Big Scary Monsters 5-a-side football tournament is back again this year!

Taking place on Sunday 27th July at the Linford Christie Sports Centre, 16 teams will be competing to win one of the most glamorous trophies in the modern game. Last years winning captain, Sam Duckworth from Team Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, made the draw for the group stages just a week ago and you can watch the names coming out of the Tesco bag over at right now.

BSM will be competing against Forward Russia/iLIKETRAINS, Hassle/Signature Tune Records and label heavyweights Secondsmile in Group C, with only one team set to qualify for the semi-finals. The rest of the group lineups are here.

This year we've decided to open a little betting shop and are giving you the chance to put your money where your mouth is. Well, when I say money, I mean free prediction, and when I say mouth, I guess I actually mean keyboard. If you head over to our dedicated tournament mini-site you can predict who you think will win the competition, with all correct entrants winning a free BSM CD, redeemable from this website or Banquet Records in Kingston.

Look out for stories, photos and videos, next week. I'm now off for a run. And by run, I mean a drink.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Blakfish launch shows

Blakfish's amazing debut mini-album, 'See You In Another City' is released next week. In traditional style, there are a couple of launch shows coming up this week to celebrate. On Saturday they play a hometown show in Birmingham with Shapes and Colour, but before then there's this little (£3 in advance!) beauty in London:

For anyone out there without superhuman vision, the jist is: Thursday 24th July, the Old Blue Last, support from Shield Your Eyes, Mirror! Mirror! and Capitals, £3 advance, £4 on the door.

I'll be there, I hope you will too

Monday, 21 July 2008


This weekend I made my annual trip to the local Truck festival. Always a good time, a nice two days of hanging out with friends, avoiding idiots from school, getting drunk, coping with hangovers, watching bands, missing others, enjoying the sun, dodging the rain and carrying more stuff between the car and tent than my small body can cope with. First festival ever with an air bed, I guess I'm officially a festival snob now then. Although my aching body doesn't feel all that snobbish right now.

Tip of the day: Listen to Native. Incredible band from Indiana, bits of everyone from Meet Me In St Louis to Foals to Blakfish to Off Minor in there.

I spent over an hour on the phone to BT today. Absolutely furious! Here's a timeline: (NB: If you don't like boring rants, don't read on!)

Friday 18th July. 2pm. Home Moving Department

Me: Hi BT, we're moving house on 2nd August, could you cut our line off that day please?
BT: Of course, will you be taking our service to your new house?
Me: Not sure yet, I'll get back to you on that one
BT: Thanks. Where shall we send the final bill?
Me: To my parents address please. Will there be any cancellation charges?
BT: No not at all. Thanks for using our service
Me: Thank you, BT.
BT: Peace out

Monday 21st July. 1pm. Faults department

Me: Hi BT, my phone line doesn't seem to be working
BT: Ah, it seems that we've accidently cut your service off prematurely. Sorry about that
Me: No biggie, can you fix it?
BT: Of course, let me put you through to the sales department

Monday 21st July. 1.05pm. Sales department

BT: Hi there, my colleague has explained the problem, sorry about the mix-up
Me: That's ok, just hook me back up
BT: Will do. There'll be no charges, you'll just need to call again next week to cancel, ok?
Me: No problem. When will my phone be working again?
BT: 2 days maximum. Let me just put you on hold
BT: (a minute of classical music later) I need to transfer for you to Customer Service

Monday 21st July. 1.15pm. Customer Service

BT: What's the customers name?
Me: It's Kevin Douch, I am the customer
BT: (Laughter) Oops, thought you were someone else
Me: Obviously. So did the last guy explain the problem?
BT: Yes, you've moved house and want to setup an account
Me: No BT, that's completely wrong. Let me explain...
BT: (After 2 minutes of me explaining everything) Oh I see... Nothing we can do
Me: What?
BT: Well we can re-connect you
Me: Do it then
BT: But it'll take 4 days to go live and you'll need to keep the service at your new house
Me: 4 days? The last guy said 2
BT: I think you're confused
Me: I think you're a prick. Put me through to your manager

Monday 21st July. 1.30pm. Customer Service "manager"

Me: (After explaining, again) So can you help?
BT: Not really. I can re-connect you but it'll take 10 days
Me: 10 days now?! I move out in 12 days, doesn't seem worth it does it? Did I mention that this is your fault?
BT: Yes sir
Me: But I'm the one being punnished for it?
BT: I wouldn't say that
Me: Are your phone lines working ok?
BT: Yes sir
Me: Sounds to me like you flicked the wrong switch then, just put mine back on
BT: I can't do that, but if you sign a new one year contract I can
Me: Do you realise that blackmail is illegal?
BT: I tell you what, I'll waive the cancellation fees as well
Me: What fees?!
BT: Your cancellation fees for leaving our sevice
Me: But you pushed me off the service! The date I gave you falls outside of the year contract, there's no breach there! How much is the charge?
BT: I couldn't say
Me: What do you mean you can't say?! Why am I being charged?
BT: Because you're moving away from us, that costs £70
Me: So you're going to charge me £70?
BT: Yes sir
Me: But 10 seconds ago you didn't know how much it would cost
BT: Um
Me: Are you sure you're a manager?
BT: Er... Yes?
Me: You sound like a dick

That's pretty much where the conversation ended. One long, miserable descent into anger and disappointment. It's good to know that at least some of the billions of pounds of profit those pirates are making from us every year is being spent on training and complaint handling and not just being pumped into big cars and annoying phone systems. Note the way that as the call progressed I was passed to someone slightly more incompetant than the last person. That's good management, that is.

I put my mobile down, went to make a sandwich and am now ready for part two of the battle. Wish me luck.

Friday, 18 July 2008


I've spent the past two hours on the phone to two different estate agents, two departments within BT, four people at Sky, the gas company, the electricity company and the Inland Revenue. So full of hate right now. And there was me, naively believing that the packing, cleaning and shifting of boxes would be the difficult part of moving home. If BSM ever becomes a huge, multi-departmental company I hereby swear to never install a phone system, ask anyone to press buttons on a menu, give account details to an answer phone robot or speak to someone with a Scottish accent so thick you could be mistaken for thinking that you're on the phone to Rab C Nesbit.

Do you want to hear a brilliant rumour? An incredible, out of the blue lie, with absolutely no provocation from myself, which has since been dragged through a small Chinese whispers system, a couple of nights ago in London I was told that I apparently had BSM valued and found that it was worth three quarters of a million pounds. Unfortunately I got drunk and actually gave away £800,000 through the night, including £100k for someone to drink my shot of rum which the smell of was making me feel very sick, and £180k for the referee of the BSM 5-a-side football tournament to throw the match. I also sold a 1% share to Jack for all of the change in his pocket, a good bit of business on his part as there definitely wasn't £7500 in there. But just before this rumour goes any further I thought I'd mention it and let you all know that I have never had the company valued, wouldn't know where to go to receive such a service and strongly, strongly doubt that the Big Scary Monsters is worth anything more than a pat on the back and the handing over of Myspace login details. Of course, if anyone has £750k laying around and fancies splashing out, you know where to find me - at home, packing my bags for the Bahama's, sticking my fingers up at Sky and their phone machine robots.

PS. Anyone going to Truck festival tomorrow: This Town Needs Guns. Barn stage. Saturday. 1.30pm. Do it.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

On A Wire

Yesterday I listened to 'On A Wire' for the first time ever. If someone asks me the horrendous question of "who's your favourite band?" the last 6 years vanish from memory without a trace, leaving me reeling off a list which reads like a who's who of early-naughties haircut bands, where one could be forgiven for thinking that this scruffy 20-something is nothing more than a repressed emo kid clinging on to his ever tear. "erm... Taking Back Sunday? Maybe? I dunno" Given a little more time and consideration, the honest answer could well be The Get Up Kids.

It's nearly a decade since I read a complimentary Kerrang review for 'Something To Write Home About' and made it my first purchase from the relatively new fad of online auction websites. I've never looked back and there's barely been a week since that one of their albums has not graced these ears. In a good mood? Put on 'Four Minute Mile' and sing out loud: "Oh Amy, don't hate me, for running awaaaay from you". In a bad mood? Stick the Live At Grenada Theatre album on and drift off into a happy dream world of the amazing night at the tiny Camden Barfly, packed into an excited crowd during their 3 night, 2004 stint. DJing a sweaty indie disco? 'Ten Minutes' will get them moving. They're one of the only bands in my life who will satisfy every mood, whim or situation.

The thing is that despite my love for the sorely missed Kansas act, I never dared listen to 'On A Wire' and the worst thing of all is that I can't even remember why. Like an out of control, childish arguement with an "I can't remember what you did to upset me" ending. Vague memories of friends with taste I obviously valued too highly telling me bad things have the finger of assumption pointed at them, but I really have to hold my hands up and accept responsibility here. There is no excuse.

I turned 25 today and frankly couldn't possibly end the first quarter chapter without at least giving this record a try and finally completing a long-overdue collection. It's a great album, by the way, and I urge everyone - of all ages - to learn from my mistake and listen to your biggest musical ignorance. Chances are you might just like it.

R.I.P. The Get Up Kids. Sorry I doubted you.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Quarter century

Tomorrow I turn 25. I can't give you the precise time, I don't actually know, but sometime during July 17th every year I get a little bit older. Tomorrow's a biggie. Gone are the days of fake ID, asking my Nan to go to the bookies and put bets on for me, and recklessly climbing trees. As are the days of sobriety in America, getting bored by teachers and having to sit on the kids table during family meals at Christmas. Lord, even the days of people saying "you run a record label and you're only..." (insert any age <25) are behind me now. From here on in all I'm going to get is "you're 25 and you're still wasting your time playing about with music? Shouldn't you grow up and get a real job? When I was your age..." (insert patronising comment about 2.5 children, a mortgage and a pension plan). At least I'll get a big fat cake.

Here's a birthday present from me to you. Not the conventional way to do things but who cares? I'm Peter Pan.

This Town Needs Guns - 'Baboon' free MP3 download.
Taken from the forthcoming album, 'Animals'

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


If you only do three alcohol-punned things today, make it these three:

1) Download the FREE Alcopop sampler, 'AQA Does Not Much Care For Alcopop, Pimm's Is Delicious', by clicking on the below image. It features 6 tracks from Sam Isaac, Pavilion, This City, Cut The Blue Wire, My First Tooth and goFASTER and is worth at least a million times it's price of £0.00. Plus there's some frankly ridiculous artwork included.

2) Check out the new Alcopodcast on iTunes. From the lovely lads behind the regular BSM Podcast, this episode features exclusive live recordings and interviews with Sam Isaac and Pavilion, along with music from Data.Select.Party, Cut The Blue Wire and This City. It's available from (multimedia section) or iTunes

3) And finally, buy a ticket to Alcopopalooza. Probably the most amount of bands you could ever hope to see for just £6:

Monday, 14 July 2008

Happy Mondays

Saturday night I went to a party. It was held by Gemma's mum at her house up near Peterborough and in attendance were three people who all celebrate their birthday on July 17th. I was one of them. We ate, drank and were merry long into the night, and even the three evil midgets, masquerading as children, hitting each other with sticks, seemed to enjoy themselves.

Over the past week I've been carrying my notebook around with me a lot more than usual and every time I have an idea I scribble it down. Last Wednesday alone I filled 6 pages. SIX! I didn't know I had it in me. Problem is that I now realise there aren't enough hours in the day to fulfil this many ingenious brainwaves. Especially when I go wasting 10 minutes a day writing here. At one of my old office jobs "back in the day" we were sent for time management training. A bald man with a flip chart asked us all to make a list of our daily tasks, including things such as making tea, going to the toilet, and then put them into one of four categories which essentially rated their importance. At the end of the exercise we were told that everything in category four was un-important and should be eliminated from our daily schedules. I looked down at my paper to see 95% of my writing in said category, next to a stickman drawing of my friend in a compromising situation with the bald teacher. One week later I handed in my notice. Three years later I'm still wasting my time with stickmen.

Here's a video of 'Spoils Of War' by Pavilion, released via Alcopop in August. If the chorus doesn't stick in your head for the rest of the day you're probably a comb-over sporting old man leading training sessions.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Blakfish pre-order

Do as it says above. Click the image, pre-order the CD, love it. The last bit isn't actually stated, it's just implied. Read between the lines, ok?

There's an awesome CD release show coming up at the Old Blue Last in London on Thursday 24th July, with support coming from Shield Your Eyes, Mirror! Mirror! and Capitals. You're probably gonna want to be there, especially when I tell you it's only £3 in advance. Buy tickets here.

Last night I went to see Secondsmile, Caesura and The Defeat (playing their last gig, unfortunately) at The Face Bar in Reading. Good gig, although I've never been so proud of my home city as the moment we drove past a nearby pub and saw a man being strangled outside, only to turn the corner and see a house window with a brick-sized hole in it. Blue blood comes with a price, the Royal county isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Footy footy footy!

Last night the official draw for the 2008 Big Scary Monsters Records 5-a-side football tournament took place at a secret location in London. As you will see from the below video (proving that no fixture rigging took place - as outrageously claimed 12 months ago!) it was a very professional and organised do, with the captain of last years winning team, Sam Duckworth from Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, taking responsibility of drawing the names from the Tesco bag.

The tournament takes place on Sunday 27th July at the Linford Christie Sports Centre. Linford's attendance is yet to be confirmed but what is already known is that Secondsmile don't stand a chance, Group A is all about the press, NME are going to get ripped apart by the labels finest and Alcopop actually have a chance of progressing through to the semi's this year.

Only joking. Well, apart from the bits about Secondsmile, Group A and NME.

Each team plays the other three in their group, in heated 15 minute-long games, before the winners of A and B and C and D face off in the semi's. By 5pm a new winner be crowned.

To read more about this years competition, go to or click here to read all about 2007's event. And here is the 2008 draw in full:

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Big day

What a day. I'm heading into London in a couple of hours time as Tubelord record their first Radio One session at Maida Vale, Secondsmile have a Kerrang photo shoot and to complete my joy, I've just found out that Colin Murray played Blakfish on his Radio One show last night. "It's like 17 different bands in one song... We like this a lot... Top tune." One day I hope to befriend Mr Murray. We'll play football and watch poker together, probably arguing long into the night about whether or not you should fold a King/10 unsuited hand. Maybe go to Ireland where I'll gently break the news that I don't like Guinness and he'll tell me everything's going to be ok by giving me a supportive pat on the back and passing over some Irish whiskey.

Sticking firmly in reality, last night I had a slightly odd dream. Portugal were playing Italy in some form of important football match but I decided watching on English TV wasn't good enough, so walked across the short bridge into Europe. Upon arrival on the continent I looked up at a small signpost and decided to head straight into Denmark, which was actually Belgium. Carrying my inflatable crocodile (standard for any walks into Europe) I headed straight into a bar I remembered enjoying the last time I was in the country, found a seat, looked sternly at anyone who dared to question why I was carrying a plastic reptile (close-minded idiots), and prepared myself for kick off. Just as the whistle was about to blow a voice came out of nowhere announcing that Rival Schools featuring Koko B. Ware were about to play in the back room. I raced through to find a disappointingly small crowd, given the fact that one of my all-time favourite bands were about to play live with a 90's professional wrestler. Some people have no clue! Unfortunately I awoke before I found out if he had his parrot with him. I wonder what Walter would have thought to my crocodile? I bet Colin Murray would like it.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

New TTNG track

Sorry to tear you away from last nights 'A Damp Ride Across The Pennines' video, which, by the way, was the 200th post on Blog Scary Monsters. New readers have a lot of catching up to do. ( I wouldn't bother, said video was pretty much as good as it gets). Anyway, back to the point: 'Chinchilla', taken from the forthcoming This Town Needs Guns album, 'Animals', is now available to stream from the bands Myspace page. I would say it's in my top five favourite tracks on the new record, although as I may have said once or twice before, it's all about 'Panda' for me.

I'm moving house in three weeks. Just been to sign a bunch of papers and pay a ridiculous amount of money which is making the bottom of my overdraft look horribly nearby. Thankfully that isn't the only thing which is nearby: I'll be back in walking distance of The Colonel. Gotta love that fried chicken.

Over the coming weeks I'm going to look into building on the number of exclusive t-shirt designs we have available via - At the moment you will find BSM, Anathallo and Tubelord shirts which aren't available anywhere else. In the very near future there'll also be Alcopop, Meet Me In St Louis and one or two more. If you, like me, occasionally have dreams of fat kids wearing amazing shirts which you think need to be printed and put on sale, get in touch. We just might be able to make your worrying dreams a reality.

A damp ride across the Pennines

This afternoon Henry sent me the Pennines track for the forthcoming split 7" with This Town Needs Guns. A fine song, as you would expect, but that, believe it or not, was not the Pennines-related highlight of my day. Said award actually goes to this gentleman who has very kindly uploaded a 5 minute+ video of him riding around the pennines on his motorbike one rainy day.

I don't know why this makes me laugh so much. Says a lot for ones sense of humour, I guess.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Pulled Abart By Hoises

My brain will not allow me to say the words "Pulled Apart By Horses" out loud without it screwing up and coming out as "Pulled Abart By Hoises", which, arguably, is better anyway. Either way, you should definitely check them out (they're a band, by the way. I failed to mention that before now). Brilliant, punchy rock with more energy than a young Roy Keane.

Yesterday I attended the annual Cowley Road carnival. For anyone who doesn't know the wonderful East Oxford street it's basically a long road in a culturally varied, student-occupied part of the city. There are restaurants representing every nationality you can name, amazing age-old graffiti, a handful of music venues and many a cool indie hangout. Once a year they shut the street off whilst thousands of people wander around enjoying food from stalls outside of the shops, bands playing on every corner, skate ramps and assorted other bizarre sights. Apart from the rain, it was another fine year and we're all excitedly looking forward to 2009 already.

Last week I re-discovered The Bled. You know when you used to love an album and then somehow forget about it? Well that's just what I did with 'Found In The Flood'. I went onto Youtube with the attention of posting the video for 'My Assassin' on here, but seemingly Universal aren't into that idea and have disabled the embed option! Not really sure what the logic is there. I understand that major labels are currently crapping themselves over piracy, illegal file sharing and the rest of it, but surely allowing fans to host a video on their Myspace page, website and indeed self-indulgent blog, would just boost their viewing numbers and in turn their sales figures? Is there something I'm missing here? Am I being naive and overlooking some music industry crippling knowledge which means that by making one video from a 10 track album available in the public domain, to those who want to share their brilliance with friends and colleagues, they will actually harm a bands profile and record selling potential? Sometimes it's painfully obvious why so many people are worried about the state music.

'Years' by Secondsmile is released today. Go buy it. Here's yet another friendly review, this time from The Fly magazine:

(click it to read - unless you have Superman's eyes)

Friday, 4 July 2008


I've recovered from my food poisoning but seem to have picked up a new bug: wrestling. Not since the crazy days of the late 90's have I been quite so excited about men prancing around in lycra and tonight I'm following up on my recent debut event by going to see the Lucha Libre Mexican's in Camden. Here's a video of a man being suplexed onto 6 chairs and some Americans in the crowd definitely not going over the top:

"Is he dead?" Yes, he probably is. Good call, dick.

Secondsmile's album launch show in London Wednesday was brilliant. I spent the night drinking water which was surprisingly good and, according to my compliment-happy girlfriend, my skin looked "less grey than usual" for it. SS, The Xcerts, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Colour were all amazing, Dave Tubelord DJ'd some massive hits and the room was filled with friends and aggressive photographers. Tonight they do it all over again, this time for their home fans in Bridport, and tomorrow it's off to Guilfest with the likes of Blondie and Kula Shaker. Here's what Kerrang said this week about new album, 'Years':

This morning has been fairly productive. I'm thinking of starting a new little business venture, unrelated to BSM and comparatively way more boring, but the modern day record label model, and the fact that I never have any money, is starting to force my hand slightly. Last night I had a nightmare that I ran out of money. The bank was bone dry, I wasn't owed anything from anybody, even my accounts with the bookies were empty. I couldn't pay my rent, I couldn't pay for the upcoming releases, I couldn't even pay to watch wrestling. I woke up in a cold sweat and was on the computer researching future competitors and checking the feasibility of ideas by 9am. The revolution starts now. Well, when I get home with a Mexican wrestling mask, at least.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Mmmm, looks lovely, hey?

Well it's not! It's messy, greasy and riddled with poison. That's right, poison!

"Sub of the day - £1.99" I thought to myself "Why not? What's the worst that could happen?" How about 24 hours of shaking, sweating, crippling stomach pains and sickness? Much worse than any embarassing scenario achieved from drinking a can of Dr Pepper, that's for sure.

To make things worse, today I have 5 London meetings and Secondsmile's album launch show, none of which I can afford to miss. So, anyone at The Metro tonight, I'll see you there! I'll be the one carrying a sick bucket muttering "fuck Subway"

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Ever wondered what I'd look like whilst stealing a fishing trawler from Weymouth harbour?

Boring By The Sea festival was awesome. Loads of people, amazing bands, an aftershow party featuring two of the hottest DJs around (biased? no way), a Euro 2008 final which saw my pre-tournament tips pick up the trophy and fill my pockets with cash, and a few hours spent sitting on a beach and by the harbour drinking Pimms and daydreaming about giant seagulls wearing suits kicking in toilet doors. Living as far from sea as the UK will allow often leaves me delusional when the salty air hits the nostrils.

So after a week which took me to London, Essex, Denmark, Bristol and Weymouth it's nice to have a few days at home and begin the terrible task of catching up on emails. Sorry if anyone has been waiting a long time to hear back from me, all is nearly back on track.

Tomorrow night is the Secondsmile album launch party at The Metro in London. The lineup is amazing with The Xcerts, Colour, A Secret. Very Special. Guest playing a low-key festival warm-up show and Dave Tubelord laying down some massive between-band beats. It all starts at 7.30 and I believe it's £6 on the door. Seeya there!