Thursday, 5 June 2008


I'm stuck in some sort of drunken limbo. This afternoon I went to meet Blakfish in a local pub and had a drink. Came home, bouyed by the joys of the sunny weather and made myself another. That's two. Two's too many. I came upstairs to where I sit now, eye to eye with my computer trying to work out what my next move should be. The little red lad on my right shoulder is saying "screw it, work can wait and your Landlady isn't coming over to inspect the house until 11am, that's hours away, the sun won't last for long" whilst the glowing fella in a dress on my left is saying "listen to him, he makes a good arguement." I think it might be time to hire myself a new angel... But I'll do that in the morning when I've sobered up.

Drink > Tidying

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