Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Running Man

Sorry for my absence, dear blog. It's Tuesday 3rd June (not that you'd believe it from looking at the rain streaming down my window) and I'm only now recovering from the weekend. Thursday night, as reported below, was filled with meetings, Alcopop work and designing ridiculous CD sleeves. Friday saw me attend a house party with a load of strangers dressed as flowers, getting thrown out of a taxi at 4am for having no money and walking around the Oxford ring road marvelling at the quiet, early morning sun. And then there was this:

As if you didn't guess from the video (and in all honesty, why should you?) a bunch of us hit the quaint little seaside town of Bridport, Dorset, for a couple of days of fun with our friends in Secondsmile and for the filming of their new promo video. Hangover hell is surprisingly eased by fresh sea air and multiple walks up and down a cliff with a pantomime cow. I'll be posting a 'behind the scenes' video in the next day or two and the actual promo will be up here in two weeks time. It promises to be pretty amazing, not wanting to build the anticipation or anything. I think the mention of a pantomime cow did enough of that on its own!

In other news, Tubelord ("disco pop brilliance") and Blakfish ("if you glued Mastodon to Glassjaw and made them fight over the last amp in the world") both get some big love from NME this week. Tubelord also get a glowing little mention from Sam Get Cape in his Rock Sound website takeover.

The next installment in our 6 Machine blog entries will be here sometime this week, as will the 6th episode of the BSM podcast. And look out for a Blakfish free MP3 single coming tomorrow. Busy busy busy.

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