Friday, 20 June 2008


I'm going to let you in on a little secret. In September Big Scary Monsters Records will be releasing the new album from Denmark's finest, Mimas. Sounding sort of like Jeniferever crossed with Arcade Fire, the 9 track record is already finished and sounds amazing. If you caught them on their short UK tour back in May, or indeed any of their previous visits, you'll already know they're better than sliced bread. I haven't announced the release on the BSM website, Myspace or anywhere else just yet, and probably won't for another few weeks yet, so this is just between me and you, ok?

Not so long ago the band and their manager, Martin, invited me over to visit them in their hometown of Århus, and upon discovering Ryanair flights for just £10 including tax, who was I to say no? So on Monday morning - at roughly 4am, some 3.5 hours before I even want to consider opening my eyes - I begin my trek north, bound for the land of Peter Schmeichel and vikings, very much looking forward to three days of meeting new friends and exploring Denmark's second largest city.

Unfortunately I couldn't afford to stay in Hotel Philip, the establishment owned by former West Ham and Celtic defender Marc Rieper. Although having read the opening paragraph from it's website it's clear to see his priorities still lay with his previous profession: "The hotel is owned by Marc Rieper, a former player of the Danish national football team, who headed the ball at the crossbar in the crucial moment against Brazil during the World Championship in 1998" - Marc! It was 10 years ago, let it go, man! Tell us about your luxury suites and evening menu!

I'll try to update the blog whilst I'm away but having just read that Århus is considered to be the main hub for basketball in Denmark, with the most successful team in the sport, the Brakken Bears, being based within the city, my time may be spent elsewhere. Your time should be spent at


Maria said...

Yay! That's great news :o)

Anders said...

Congratulations to both of you.You make a beautiful pair. I'm not sure they sound like Arcade Fire though!