Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The rain in Spain

I'm writing this whilst my iPod struggles and strains under the mighty weight of my BSM computer files and folders. I figured it was time for another backing up session and as I'm currently out of blank DVDs Apple are having to carry the burden. A 10,867 file burden.

Secondsmile's 'Tell Me A Story' promo video is now available to watch exclusively via the Rock Sound website. It'll be up on Youtube by the end of the week, if anyone has some sort of beef with RS and are therefore missing out on watching the brilliantly summery video.

Last night I watched my first Euro 2008 action. France v Romania: what was that all about, hey? I think the BBC had it right when they described it as a bore draw. Holland v Italy was better, but by that point I'd eaten most of a roast chicken and was pretty drunk on food. I think I'm going to give my support to Spain in this tournament and they play their first game today so I'm heading down to the local Mediterranean cafe later to party with my adopted countrymen. Ola.

Hot Club de Paris were on Steve Lamacq's Radio One show last night and picked five of their favourite bands, which actually included two of mine: Maps and Atlases and Copy Haho. You need them in your life.

Sorry for the fairly lacklustre nature of this post. It's only just hit 9am. I peaked way too early this morning

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