Friday, 27 June 2008

Party time

It's been raining here for much of the day today, I hope for the festival goers sake it's a dryer in Glastonbury!

Tonight Jack Alcopop (of guest blogging, meat hat fame - below), myself and our lady friends are having a CD burning party. Exactly as the name suggests really, it involves the four of us sitting around eating, drinking and burning 300 promo CDs. As if that wasn't enough fun on its own we also need to try and top up the ink in my printer using one of those cartridge refill things. This task will no doubt take place whilst drunk and almost certainly result in a badly stained carpet, just 6 weeks before we're due to move out of this house and plead for a full return of our deposit. The costs of this party lifestyle are sometimes unbearable.

On Sunday we're DJing at the Boring By The Sea festival aftershow party in Weymouth. I'm yet to decide what I'll be playing but anyone going should expect to hear a bit of Oasis, a little Will Smith, maybe some 90's dance, a touch of Bear vs Shark, Rival Schools and Andrew WK and, of course, a whole heap of BSM.

Listen to 'Spoils Of War' by Pavilion. Tune!

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