Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My weekend in pictures

Sunday. Somewhere deep in Essex at the TNA Impact show:

This is me and Kurt Angle, as you can see he's filling his pants with fear. Moments later I suplexed him through a table onto a bed of burning nails.

This is what happens when you go to wrestling events dressed like a cunt.

Monday. On a train somewhere between Oxford and Manchester:

Sam was busy composing new, and awesome sounding, Get Cape demos and answering emails from a number of Hollyoaks cast members. Meanwhile I opted to keep it real by drinking 7-Up and studying Rock Sound looking for and pointing out grammatical errors. You tell me who's the most rock n roll!

That night we went to see Rival Schools and Secondsmile at the Academy 3 in Manchester. It was awesome. The night ended in a bar called Big Hands where Walter did his best impression of Wallace And Grommit, after which we went back to the hotel and composed massive drum n bass hits on a laptop until the daylight was too much to ignore.

Tuesday. A service station in Walsall:

The long drive and roughly three hours of sleep combo hit me hard as I started to lose my mind. G's a sex trickster. Traffic is whack.

Trying, but failing, to see the football, we all hit the Dublin Castle in Camden for Secondsmile and Tupolev Ghost. A brilliant, loud gig which you'll be able to read all about in next weeks Kerrang and the following issue of Rock Sound. Above is a picture of me and my shoe buddy. His name's Ben and he showed fantastic dedication to the footwear cause last night.

Today I arrived home and completed the process of losing my mind thanks to a million emails and too much stuff needing to be done.

Coming soon: less photos, more nonsense, an equal amount of crap


saam keephopeinside said...

I hope you gave Kurt Angle an Olympic Slam for good measure. I keep seeing a Hollyoaks bloke at my local tube station, apparently his name was "Tank Top" which is totally ridiculous.

Kev said...

Nah, no Angle slam, but I did slap an ankle lock on him