Thursday, 26 June 2008

Hey! Housebrick

"Hey! Housebrick are you sitting in a building? Are you rested in a hand? Are you heading for a windscreen? Hey! Housebrick..." - I heard this song (by Hot Club de Paris) some 20 hours ago and it's still stuck in my head. When pop becomes pain, a difficult exploration of music.

So Aarhus was very nice. Myself and Gemma spent exactly 48 hours in Denmark's second biggest city, a lot of the time wondering how a place so small could actually boast such a sizeable title, and the rest of the time wandering, hanging out with the lovely Mimas boys, playing table football (ever seen someone perform a stepover at the table? It happens) and enjoying Danish meatballs, not to be mistaken with their scandinavian rivals in Sweden.

Since returning home I've won £20 in a poker tournament, enjoyed the fact that I have bets on the remaining three teams in Euro 2008 to each win the competition, all at nice long odds guarunteeing at least a £40 win, and stared long and hard at my bloated inbox trying to find the courage to tackle it.

The Secondsmile press machine is in full flow now. There's an awesome KKKK live review in this weeks Kerrang which says some very nice things about last weeks London show, with an album review to follow next week and an Introducing feature in August. Unfortunately balancing out the pleasure/pain spectrum is a very ill-informed 5/10 album review in NME. It's not ill-informed because the writers opinion of the music is clearly wrong (although that is annoying, I must admit), I'm saying that because she managed to shoehorn Foals' name in, exactly as we'd predicted, and picked on some lyrics which don't even exist! But in happier news, every other review for the record we've seen so far has picked up 4/5 or 9/10, including this one from Punktastic and this one from Alt Sounds.

I'm also pleased to report that Blakfish have an absolutely storming 5/5 review for their forthcoming mini-album 'See You In Another City' on the Rock Midgets website. Here are the guys performing as their slightly disturbing alter-ego:


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Mimas said...

Danish meatballs are number 1! I think you know that Kev. We'll teach you some table football tricks next time!

Jacks meat hat is amazing.