Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Blakfish MPFree

Last night I went to This Town Needs Guns house, making my second walk around the ring road in four days, to discuss plans and ideas for their album, due out in October. Incase I didn't mention before the masters are here and sound incredible. They've opted for a nice, simple production this time, really bringing out the clever musicianship and songwriting ability. No special effects needed. The record is to be titled 'Animals' and the 13 tracks are to retain their previous creature names, which I for one am pleased about. I can't quite put my finger on it, it just seems to me to be a nice theme. 'Chinchilla' will be the first airing, going live on in a couple of weeks time and will be followed by a second new track in July and then a split 7" with the wonderful Pennines in August. As I type this I have slightly bizarre images of Animals of Farthing Wood inspired promo videos floating around my head. The mind boggles when you consider the brilliant possibilities, if only BSM had a budget bigger than that of a small child's pocket money.

Anyway, onto things in the here and now... We've just posted a brand new Blakfish free MP3 download, taken from the bands forthcoming mini-album. It's called 'Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man' and you can get your ears on it via this link. Or this link, if you're a Myspacer. A superhero themed video will be here in a few weeks time and the CD is due out on July 28th.

Yesterday I placed a couple of bets on Euro 2008. £2 on Torres to be top scorer and Germany to win the tournament will net me a fantastic £110. You never know...

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Oz said...

reckon you're on to a winner there...both with torres and the blakfish cd