Wednesday, 11 June 2008


It turns out that being young and homelessly scruffy occasionally has its benefits, not least in offering the ability to casually cut through university grounds you have absolutely no fair right to be when ditching your working responsibilities for an afternoon of heavy drinking in a nearby Wetherspoons, park and a number of cocktail bars. God bless this wonderful gift. I'm so happy his giving didn't end with rock n roll.

I awoke this morning with the biggest hangover. The kind which makes you feel as though you'll projectile vomit all over the wall every time you so much as move a muscle. Unfortunately for me today brings a busy morning in front of the computer, followed by four meetings, including one underneath a giant Freddy Mercury statue, and a Rival Schools gig. Perhaps the latter isn't quite so unfortunate.

Walter Schreifels once came and played one of our Alcopop nights in London. He was a secret guest which we only announced a week ahead of time and, due to not owning a mobile phone, was completely uncontactable during the run-up to the show. On the night we're absolutely bricking it. Unable to reach him to check he knows the details for the gig it gets to 8pm and there's no sign of him. We make a handwritten apologetic sign and put it up, warning all disappointed punters as they enter the building that the great man won't be appearing. I'm on the brink of tears and then like a bolt from the heavens I hear "hey Kevin, how's it going?" I look up to see him standing over me, guitar in hand, cheeky smile on his face. I guess when you're one of the greatest living American rock legends you're more important than time itself. He took my requests, wrote up a setlist and hit the stage to play acoustic renditions of everyones favourite Rival Schools, Quicksand and Walking Concert songs, with a few solo ditties thrown in for good measure. It was brilliant. And now, a year later, I accidently come across a strangers video on Youtube completely by chance. This is the power of Alcopop. It unites fans and their heroes, it creates life-long memories, and it gives me wonderful and unknown cameo opportunities.

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