Thursday, 12 June 2008

6 Machine - The Defeat

I feel like self-inflicted death today. Suicide, I guess. Too many nights out, too much work, not enough sleep, candle well and truly burnt at both ends. Rival Schools rocked my world last night.

Here's a guest blog entry from The Defeat, one of the 6 stars of the 6 Machine:

Good day to you all, BSM blog readers – and welcome to The Defeat guest blog. I often find that these things are quite a struggle to get started; much like writing an essay or something. Which direction do you take it in first and where do you begin? I suppose I’ll start with what The Defeat are actually doing right now as separate entities.

It’s 10:30 on Tuesday, I’ve just had a quick call round and I’m happy to announce that Tom is drinking Cranberry Juice with some friends in a dingy pub in Reading. Though they are currently unavailable, Joel is hard at work fighting fires in Maidenhead and I’d imagine Ian is watching an action film of sorts or playing Nintendo up at “Defeat HQ” – a house at which three quarters of our band live. I’m sat watching Big Brother with some friends, drinking Bulmers and secretly celebrating Sweden’s triumph over Greece in the European Championship. Well played lads. Sweden seemed like an obvious choice as a horse to back just because we like a lot of music that comes from there.

So back onto the music… the very reason I’m typing this blog entry. It’s not long now until the 6 Machine is officially released and while I have the chance I would like to express our thanks to everyone who helped, voted and supported our getting on the compilation. It really does feel great to have our song on that record. I’ve ordered my copy and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. Make sure you get yours soon too. Support all those bands. They’re all really good.

Our plans from here on in are simple. We are playing as many shows as we can around the country including some dates with our good friends Caesura. We’re hoping to head back into the studio at some point later this summer to record some more of the stuff we’ve been writing and to write some more stuff to record. Write, record, live show, repeat. We’re hoping to maybe go and see some new found friends in Copenhagen at some point also – though the cost of diesel sure does mean we’re feeling the pinch these days.

Lastly… in a similar vein to some kind of a social network profile, a few departing recommendations.

Make sure you listen to these bands: Caesura, IDRchitecture, The Arusha Accord, Chrik, Tesseract, Marvin’s Revolt and Rinoa.

And finally, use these promoters or go to their shows: Safetydance (Norwich, High Wycombe), In An Emergency Dial (Norwich), Carefully Planned (Manchester), The Bleep Test (Reading), Buk and Skit (Reading) Stay South (London) and Monkeysuit (Reading and London).

Thanks for reading.

Luke – The Defeat x

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