Thursday, 15 May 2008


I tried to befriend the postman this morning. Every day he's forced to knock on my door with a pile of parcels and assorted junk mail too big to squeeze through our pointlessly small letterbox yet we never exchange more than a couple of pleasantries. Today, I decide, is the day I show the man his efforts are appreciated. Opening the door and flashing my most charming of smiles I take the post from him. "What happened to the summer, eh?" I quip. As he looked slowly skywards and then back at me, rain smearing his soggy grey hair across his forehead, pouring off of every peak on his face and soaking through his hangover hell of a bright orange Royal Mail jacket, the wet frown told me this wasn't the right time to joke. Tomorrow I think I'll revert to the old system of ignoring the door, making him leave the mail with the little old lady next door. At least she gets me.

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