Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Old Man vs Bin Man

The fat old man who lives in the house opposite has been standing, hands on hips, at the end of his drive for the past half an hour. In the last couple of minutes he's given up his frowning and has started muttering something about hating bin men. In the distance I can hear their lorry getting closer and with every passing minute my anticipation of an incredible battle grows. This could be the best thing ever. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

I ended the bank holiday weekend in style yesterday, laying around next to the Thames which runs along the bottom of a friends garden, enjoying the heat, watching passing boats, drinking strawberry cider and playing cards. Beautiful. I'm so very, very English.

Back to work today and it's busy as usual. Later on this week we'll be rolling out a free Secondsmile MP3 download so I'm just getting things set for that, as well as organising a couple of tasty looking remixes which will find their way out online sometime soon, I'm sure. Cut The Blue Wire's debut digital single is out on Alcopop next week, so I'm also busy working that one as well as daydreaming up some nice looking tours for the rest of the year.

Last night I had a dream that two miserable fat kids walked past me, both wearing Tubelord t-shirts. One was dark green and featured the logo from the bands old demo, the other was bright yellow and had the logo from the Feed Me A Box Of Words 7" on and it looked stunning! So stunning, infact, that I woke up this morning and I knew I must have one! I'm sending the logo over to the printers in a bit and will be a proud owner within a week. I'll get a few extra ones knocked up too, for anyone out there who might share my vision of summery yellow shirts.

Update: Old man gone back to frowning, bin men still not here. Suspense: massive

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