Friday, 2 May 2008

No sleep for the weak

What do you do when you have a meeting in London at 5pm, yet sitting in your house in Oxford at 3.30pm you realise there's absolutely no way you're going to make it on time? I'll tell you what you don't do. You don't re-arrange the meeting for 10am the following morning, pick up a bottle of vodka, catch the next bus to the big smoke, hit a couple of pubs, a gig, a swing dance night at a gay club and then drink until 6.30am. Unfortunately I've never been one for practicing what I preach, so there I was, sprawled out on Sam Get Cape's hardwood floor, accidentally headbutting his coffee table every time I attempt to roll over, getting angry about the combination of the biggest windows I've ever seen, the early morning sunshine and the trains whizzing past every 2 minutes on the track literally yards away. Half an hour of sleep and an hour long trip across London isn't the ideal start when you finally reach your re-scheduled meeting. Could be worse, could've had to record an Xfm live session today.

In amongst the tragedy of last night I did manage to catch Copy Haho live and they were bloody brilliant! I love the fact that they spit out such amazing pop songs and then throw in a ballsy, twisting and turning instrumental track, just because they can! Unfortunately their day was marred with even more drama than my own. Having left their very north Scotland home of Stonehaven at 7am, they arrived in London to find that their bass amp had packed up working for no reason whatsoever, their snare broke halfway through the gig, their van was broken into and sat nav stolen whilst dancing to the aforementioned swing, and then had to get up and start the 9 hour return trip home at 7am. It's hangovers and sleep deprivation everywhere you look today.

This bank holiday I intend to watch 24, order pizza's (plural) and sleep until I can sleep no more.

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