Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My First Tooth

I took a cheeky couple of hours off this afternoon to spend some time gambling with my good friend Patten. Those 2 hours became 6 hours, 4 poker tournaments, 2 horse races, a dash of roulette, a couple of blackjack hands and of course a little bit of football betting. Good times, for sure, but it's now 10.30pm, I'm £10 worse off and I feel as though I'm just starting my afternoon share of work. I fear I won't be moving from my computer for quite some time.

Whilst I get on with that, why don't you enjoy the newest 6 Machine guest blog entry, this time from Mr Ross K. Witt AKA My First Tooth:

Well this is nice huh?!
BSM. They’re nice.
Vinyl. That's nice.
Getting voted for. That's nice.
Hula Hoops. They're nice.
So yes all very nice.
Big thanks to all who voted and extra special thanks to all who voted for us.

Right now we're packing for our Ireland & Northern Ireland tour. We're flying out on Thursday and we'll be playing in Limerick, Newry and Dublin. This is exciting as we like airports and guinness and guinness in airports very much.

May 29th - Limerick, Bakers Place
May 30th - Newry, Grounded Expresso Cafe
June 1st - Dublin, Anseo

After that we'll be recording some songs for an EP we're hoping to release towards the end of summer and then we're off on tour with Sam Isaac and his band of madmen. We're looking forward to this very much. They are nice. It's going to be very very nice. Luke Leighfield will be joining us for some dates and he puts the man in madman.

June 13th - Workington, Monroes Bar
June 14th - Leeds, Cockpit
June 15th - Northampton, Roadmender
June 16th - York, Junction
June 17th - Cambridge, Portland Arms
June 19th - Southampton, Hamptons
June 25th - London, Borderline

At some point in this tour we will reach our 100th gig of 2008 which is alot. Yikes. Thanks to you all and thanks to BSM and thanks to anyone who is still reading this!

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