Friday, 30 May 2008

Kevin Bacon

Hello world
Busy day today. I was awoken, hungover, at 9am by Stu TTNG calling. He's currently off work with Labrynthitis - which isn't actually a fear of David Bowie or 1980's films, as you may imagine - and wanted to borrow some DVDs. Like most of our conversations this ended with us talking about Maps and Atlases. There's no room for Kevin Bacon in our 7 degrees of separation game. Since then I've been running my usual errands of fielding emails whilst trying to break away from the computer and do something which feels at least slightly productive, a battle which I'm losing right now.

Tubelord are recording some new tracks today and head out on tour with Johnny Foreigner from tomorrow. Check out the dates on their Myspace page. Also on the exciting touring front, Pennines have a few gigs coming up with Hot Club De Paris next week, which I thoroughly recommend you go along to. Dates are here.

I have a massive craving for breaded turkey products this morning. Thankfully I have a choice of two in my freezer. Win win.

We've just received some awesome new Blakfish promo photos. Peep this:

Yesterday was huge. I left Oxford headed for London at 11.30am, a good 4 hours earlier than normal and from then on faced constant meetings, literally running between places, trying to reply to text messages and return calls (why is it everyone wants to speak to me on days I can't talk? I'm at home all day today yet the phone hasn't rung once! Cruel world) as I moved and only ate - chicken, of course - for the first time at 8pm. Drinking cider which turned out to be twice as strong as I'd thought was a poor move and the last thing I did yesterday, somewhere around 2.30am, was design the sleeve for the forthcoming Alcopop sampler CD. This is the 5th draft. Imagine what number one looks like! Maybe one day I'll show you.

This, just for the record, is genuine and you'll be able to purchase it from iTunes from July 14th. Oh and I drew Alcocroc and Alcodog myself. True story. Jack makes the worst lobster I've ever seen. Another true story. I'm a pretty cool looking beaver. Lie.

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