Wednesday, 21 May 2008

I've got 6 on it

It's now just 5 weeks until the release of our lovely 6 Machine compilation. Continuing the weekly updates below is a guest blog post from band #2, Caesura. But before you launch into that, here are some important facts which you may have missed:
  • The 6 Machine is a compilation featuring 6 up and coming UK bands, as voted for by over 2000 of you earlier on this year
  • It will be released on 23rd June on 10" vinyl and MP3
  • You can pre-order the record now for £6 from this link
  • As you probably know, all online orders receive a free copy of the 50 Not Out CD
  • An MP3 sampler featuring a clip from all 6 tracks is available to download for free and clocks in at 6 minutes and 6 seconds. Scarily, that timing was complete coincidence!
  • There's a very nice review (8/10) in the new issue of Rock Sound
  • Rock Midgets have already given it 4/5 right here

Done and done. Here's Caesura:

Like our esteemed countrymen Blakfish, who have already done something in this vein, we recently made it on to the BSM 6 Machine, which we’re all understandably rather excited about. If you’d told us when we formed that in a couple of years we’d have a track featured on a Big Scary Monsters compilation, we wouldn’t have believed you. All the other bands that made it on, and quite a few who didn’t, are amazing and we’re really proud to be placed in the same league as them. So thankyou to everyone who cast a vote, and BSM for having us!

At the moment we’re busy getting ourselves back into gear after a month or two of being apart, thanks to the wonders of university. But the rest of ’08 should be great, and here’s why:

We’ve just written a new set, which we’re all quite pleased with. We’ve been playing the same songs for over a year now and it’s great to be playing something new at last. Hopefully at some point over the next few months we’ll be recording them to a releasable standard, and we’ll see where they take us.

We have a nice little run of shows over the summer. We’re playing a handful with our very good friends and fellow 6 Machiners The Defeat, a couple with epic soundscapeers Eaststrikewest, and some with long time BSM favourites Secondsmile. We’re also playing Rapturefest 2 at the Face Bar in Reading, featuring the Defeat and math pop superstars Colour (also on the 6 Machine), and a mystery headliner…

Come September and we’re embarking on a mini tour with Secondsmile and Colour, taking in such wonderful cities as London, Cardiff and our hometown Winchester. We can’t really overemphasise how happy we are to be playing these shows, being big fans of both the bands we’re going out with. Living the dream? We might be penniless, hungry and having to cram ourselves and our decaying gear into a Vauxhall Corsa, but I think we can safely say that we are.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for us, and to Kev and BSM. For a full list of dates please visit

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