Thursday, 22 May 2008

Here's one to bookmark

Time I recommended y'all another new artist.

Stars And Sons

This is a guy I discovered at 3am outside of a Brighton club last Friday night when the ex-Toploader guitarist handed me a CD, whilst Jack Alcopop argued with a bouncer about being thrown out and the length of his hair. Easily one of the strangest ways I've been introduced to a new artist, but I'm so glad it happened. Kinda Ben Foldsy piano pop with a million catchy hooks. 'If It's Good For Me' is a hit single waiting to happen.

And whilst I'm in a tipping sort of mood:

Shield Your Eyes
Check out their new track, recorded by Tim from Part Chimp last week. Currently unmixed but already sounding brilliant, in a dirty, ear-assaulting way. This band features Toby, ex-Meet Me In St Louis vocalist.

The summer soundtrack band for 2008. Hands down. Don't tell me that 'Wake Up Call' and all of it's Weezer-esque pop brilliance isn't the happiest thing you've heard all day. Shut up and sing along.

Dinosaur Pile-Up
Ok so I've mentioned this one a couple of times before, but I still can't get over the amazingness. Just one of a whole host of awesome up and coming Leeds bands. Ignore the lo-fi recording quality and embrace the incredible songwriting.

That should keep you going for a while. If you run out and are thirsty for more, click here and start spending. Plenty there to satisfy your new musical cravings.

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