Friday, 16 May 2008

Great Escaping

I'm off to Brighton for some Great Escape action in a bit. Determined not to let this slip into an industry event overloaded with meetings and shop talk I've cleverly(?) arranged to meet everybody within the space of one hour. A difficult, Jack Bauer-esque action packed 60 minutes which will see me running up and down the seafront meeting with two booking agents, three managers and one band. Can I do it? No chance. Am I going to end up messing everything up and annoying a lot of people? Almost certainly. Ah well, as long as I'm on that pier, bottle of Pimms in hand and giving the crazy goalkeeper arcade machine the rematch of his life, that's all that matters. I think I still have my prize tickets from my last trip thinking about. I should dig those out. A free can of coke could soon be mine!

Blakfish have posted a new track from their forthcoming release on - It's called 'My Stomach Feels Like My Throats Been Cut' and is brilliant.

All week I've been meaning to post more information about The 6 Machine but this weekend I really will do it. Sit tight.

Listening through the next episode of the BSM Podcast at the moment. It's a winner, probably my favourite so far. King winner. If you're lonely and want some company this weekend have a listen through the back catalogue on iTunes. 5 hours of entertainment. Or you could just come to Brighton and watch some loser legging it around in the rain meeting music people but dreaming of Pimms. Sigh.

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