Thursday, 1 May 2008


I live in a very strange place. It's essentially a tiny little village but inside of a busy city. The local community centre is made of wood and holds regular Girl Scouts meetings and cake sales. The old man next door has lived here for 53 years and a car doesn't go by without him making a mental note of the driver and number plate. The couple who run the local shop are on first name terms with every one of their patrons and the pub a few yards away from where I sit right now has a sign outside advertising a "gentlemen's evening" taking place in a couple of weeks. The last serious crime committed in these here parts, according to the curtain twitchers next door, was "when that biker gang moved in not so long ago." It turns out that when they say "not so long ago", they actually mean 15 years ago. Over the past couple of weeks things have taken an extra step towards madness, however, as the residents have begun writing to one another attempting to influence our votes in todays local election. Yesterday alone I received four personally addressed, handwritten notes TELLING me who I should be backing and exactly why (with key points nearly underlined) I shouldn't even consider any of the others. I'd estimate there about 1000 houses in my little faux-village, probably with an average of two voters each. There must be a lot of old ladies with their wrists on ice right now.

Late last night the masters for the Blakfish EP came through. I haven't officially announced this one yet so lets call it a Blog Scary Monsters exclusive. The 5 track CD will be out this summer, in time for the band to tour the UK throughtout August with Tubelord and then head off to Europe for September. 'Preparing For Guests' (as heard over at and on the forthcoming 6 Machine compilation 10" of ours) has been re-recorded and sounds bigger, beefier and meaner than even before. It's a really interesting record and is quite different to anything we've put out for a while now, with Meet Me In St Louis being the only vague comparison from the roster. Look out for more Blakfish talk coming at ya over the next few weeks, mother licka's.

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