Monday, 12 May 2008

Doom and gloom

Well my beloved Reading were relegated yesterday. It was no surprise. Back in March we looked certain to stay up after three great wins but then going 6 games without scoring a goal, coupled with the sudden resurgence of some of our nearest rivals, it wasn't looking good even before a ball was kicked this weekend. I've decided to take the glass half view though. Here's why:

1) We'll be in a league we can actually compete in. I'm not saying we're going to break every record going (currently held by Reading from 3 seasons ago, may I add?) but I do think we'll have enough to finish in the top 6

2) A lot of our players - Shorey, Doyle, Fae, Hunt et al - will pack their bags and head on to pastures new, but that's ok. The money from their sales will see that we certainly don't struggle financially, plus we have a good crop of youngsters in the squad and looking at our buying record, we only really do well when we purchase players on the cheap (Doyle for £80k, Shorey for £25k - bargains!), rather than pretending to be a Preimership big boy.

3) No more rubbish Mark Lawrenson predictions every Saturday

4) We get to face Jack Alcopop's Coventry side at least twice, resurrecting an excellent rivalry and no doubt sparking many outrageous boasts and bets.

Right. I'm not going to dwell on this any longer, lets get on with what's important...

Today I'm off to sit in a pub garden and top up my sunburn/alcohol levels

Tomorrow I'll be announcing a new BSM release. Look out for that

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