Monday, 19 May 2008


Hi Dad
This is a blog. Hope it makes more sense now


Anonymous said...

Hi Kev

I never realised I had such a famous son. You lead such an exciting life! It makes such riviting reading. How you met the postman one morning and the bird poo on the window are really interesting stories? I cant wait to read the next instalment.

I thought I might start my own blog. We are currently having a Satsuma (Sazooma as I call them)tasting competetion at work. We are comparing different supermarkets etc for taste, colour, firmness and and how easy they are to peal and then giving a value for money rating out of 10. Its so interesting I could write a book on it (I dont think).

All the best.


Daisydolittle said...

Can Dad write the blog every day?
I find M & S usually sell the best satsumas!