Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Brits Sing Magically

The ridiculously busy nature of yesterday has followed me across the midnight border and is still yapping at my heels. Here's a bunch of stuff I want to tell you about in a neatly ordered fashion:

1) - you know, that ticket place - are running a competition to win copies of '50 Not Out' and some other BSM goodies. Enter it here. You could also try your luck at The Line Of Best Fit. Or, and this is my favourite, you could buy it for just £4 from

2) To celebrate the fact that The 6 Machine compilation is 6 weeks away from release, I put together a little MP3 sampler of all 6 tracks taken from the record. Weirdly, and I swear this is a total coincidence, it clocked in at exactly 6 minutes and 6 seconds! Spooky.

3) Secondsmile have added 'Years', the title track taken from their forthcoming new album to their Myspace page. Not only can you stream it, but you can also download it. Awesome, yes? They've also added loads of newly confirmed shows including a handful of dates with Rival Schools, one with Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and a couple with Tubelord. Loads more are on their way, too.

4) This Friday I'm off to The Great Escape festival in Brighton. Really looking forward to laying around on the beach and drinking Pimms, although the weatherman is being a prick and mentioned rain, so we might end up drinking in Jack's car yet. I guess we could always go and see some bands? Tubelord play twice, once acoustically and once on the pier, Sam Isaac is also playing, as are BSM favourites Johnny Foreigner, Rolo Tomassi and Tellison. Oh, and so are...

5) The Ting Tings are currently cruising their way to the top-spot in this weeks singles chart. Funny story: Towards the end of last year Jack and I were drunk and sent a 4am Myspace message to the band offering to put something of theirs out on Alcopop. Bet they're gutted they didn't respond to that one now. It's not the first time we've used this tactic to snag a band, and I seriously hope it's not the last.

6) Just realised the above is less of a funny story and more of a pointless Wikipedia tale. Sorry about building up your hopes like that.

7) 'I'll Forgive You For Throwing That Rock Cos That Dance Was Kinda Funny' (I think that's the title anyway, it's too long to remember with ease!) by This Town Needs Guns is now available to purchase from iTunes for just 79p. The song was previously only available on the Record Label Shmecord Label BSM sampler CD from last July.

I think that's a good place to end this round-up. 7 is my 2nd favourite number after all. Now I'm off to the post office and to try and buy some more ink for my disappointingly crap printer.

Here's a picture of an awesome monkey:

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