Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Aero mousse

The day Tesco decided to reduce four-packs of Aero chocolate mousse down to just 55p a go was probably my favourite so far this year. It happened 2 weeks ago now and I still have 7 pots left in the fridge. This isn't an indication of my slow eating, but my over-spending.

I set a new P.B. this morning by starting work at 7.30am, and what a brilliantly New York flavoured start it was too. I had an email from Andrew WK telling me about spending his birthday weekend at his own club which has just opened in the city, Fang Island sending me four brand new demo tracks, Gerard from Radio 4 suggesting we go for a drink when he comes over to the UK in the next couple of months and another NY based band's manager confirming some support dates so exciting I considered cracking open another mousse in celebration. The sun is beating through the window and I'm listening to the Mimas album very loudly. What a wonderful day. Smiley face.

New band news coming later. Maybe tomorrow. Waiting on a final mix of a track to be finished and uploaded before I announce anything. I bet the Beatles never had these kind of waits.

Reading FC relegation analogy of the day: I'd much rather headline the Radio One stage at Reading festival than open the main. (Kevin Douch. 13th May 2008)

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