Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The 6 Machine is back in business!

So much stuff going on today I could fill 20 pages of blogs and still only get half of what I want to say out there. Thankfully, two birds have flown into the same stone and made my job 2% easier.

One of the things I wanted to tell you about, as mentioned below (in amongst the talk of Aero mousse blowing my mind) was a new band. The other thing was the fact that the 6 Machine 10" compilation is back on track and now available to pre-order, with a release date of 23rd June fast approaching. As part of the promotion for said numerical-loving compilation, we're asking the 6 bands to each write guest blog entries. You might remember the ones they all supplied before, back when we were asking you to vote for your favourites? Well, the first band on the compilation is a lovely little group of 4 guys from Birmingham called Blakfish and guess what? Since the 6 Machine voting took place we've heard, loved, and agreed to release their brand new EP! So, with no further ado, may I welcome to the stage our newest BSM family member and the first band from the forthcoming 6 Machine compilation, Blakfish...

Now then, this is the world of Blakfish in a nutshell…

So we made it on to the 6 Machine, it will be the first vinyl release we are included on. This makes us all very happy as we have wanted to get something out on vinyl for ages. I don’t know how many copies we are getting, but we will probably buy at least one copy each, so that’s a few pre-sales already.

Our Van recently exploded next to a petrol station on a main road, we are currently waiting with baited breath to hear what the insurance company have to say about it. Bollocks. You can watch it burn here

On a positive note we are very happy to announce that we will be officially joining the Big Scary Monsters family in the near future with our new 5 track EP ‘See You In Another City’ being released by BSM on the 28th July.

We are currently working on a project called ‘Poverty Rock’ which will include the poorest bands and kindest labels from all around the UK and Eire all together on a lovely CD and a 2 day festival. Look out for more information here

Other than that we will be touring the UK and Eire through-out August and September with the thoroughly annoying ‘Tubelord’. Then the UK again in November with ‘Cut The Blue Wire’ and ‘Outcry Collective’. We also plan to return to the continent and there is a BSM Xmas tour, so it looks like we will be getting very little rest. Amongst all this we need to write, and save up enough cash to record an album to release at the start of next year. I promise you it isn’t half as glamorous as it sounds…

If you London folk are interested and haven’t had the awful experience of seeing us live yet we are playing at the enterprise in Camden on Monday the 19th May with ‘Secondsmile’, ‘Cut The Blue Wire’ and ‘Capitals’. I am sure it will be messy.

Thank you to everyone who voted us on to the 6 Machine, and to all the 12 bands that were short listed, some of which we have had the pleasure of meeting since and have had a lovely time with, others we already knew and spend too much time with as it is, and the rest we have never met but I’m sure we shall pretty soon.


Look out for more details on the 6 Machine, Blakfish and Aero chocolate mousse over the coming weeks

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