Friday, 30 May 2008

Kevin Bacon

Hello world
Busy day today. I was awoken, hungover, at 9am by Stu TTNG calling. He's currently off work with Labrynthitis - which isn't actually a fear of David Bowie or 1980's films, as you may imagine - and wanted to borrow some DVDs. Like most of our conversations this ended with us talking about Maps and Atlases. There's no room for Kevin Bacon in our 7 degrees of separation game. Since then I've been running my usual errands of fielding emails whilst trying to break away from the computer and do something which feels at least slightly productive, a battle which I'm losing right now.

Tubelord are recording some new tracks today and head out on tour with Johnny Foreigner from tomorrow. Check out the dates on their Myspace page. Also on the exciting touring front, Pennines have a few gigs coming up with Hot Club De Paris next week, which I thoroughly recommend you go along to. Dates are here.

I have a massive craving for breaded turkey products this morning. Thankfully I have a choice of two in my freezer. Win win.

We've just received some awesome new Blakfish promo photos. Peep this:

Yesterday was huge. I left Oxford headed for London at 11.30am, a good 4 hours earlier than normal and from then on faced constant meetings, literally running between places, trying to reply to text messages and return calls (why is it everyone wants to speak to me on days I can't talk? I'm at home all day today yet the phone hasn't rung once! Cruel world) as I moved and only ate - chicken, of course - for the first time at 8pm. Drinking cider which turned out to be twice as strong as I'd thought was a poor move and the last thing I did yesterday, somewhere around 2.30am, was design the sleeve for the forthcoming Alcopop sampler CD. This is the 5th draft. Imagine what number one looks like! Maybe one day I'll show you.

This, just for the record, is genuine and you'll be able to purchase it from iTunes from July 14th. Oh and I drew Alcocroc and Alcodog myself. True story. Jack makes the worst lobster I've ever seen. Another true story. I'm a pretty cool looking beaver. Lie.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My First Tooth

I took a cheeky couple of hours off this afternoon to spend some time gambling with my good friend Patten. Those 2 hours became 6 hours, 4 poker tournaments, 2 horse races, a dash of roulette, a couple of blackjack hands and of course a little bit of football betting. Good times, for sure, but it's now 10.30pm, I'm £10 worse off and I feel as though I'm just starting my afternoon share of work. I fear I won't be moving from my computer for quite some time.

Whilst I get on with that, why don't you enjoy the newest 6 Machine guest blog entry, this time from Mr Ross K. Witt AKA My First Tooth:

Well this is nice huh?!
BSM. They’re nice.
Vinyl. That's nice.
Getting voted for. That's nice.
Hula Hoops. They're nice.
So yes all very nice.
Big thanks to all who voted and extra special thanks to all who voted for us.

Right now we're packing for our Ireland & Northern Ireland tour. We're flying out on Thursday and we'll be playing in Limerick, Newry and Dublin. This is exciting as we like airports and guinness and guinness in airports very much.

May 29th - Limerick, Bakers Place
May 30th - Newry, Grounded Expresso Cafe
June 1st - Dublin, Anseo

After that we'll be recording some songs for an EP we're hoping to release towards the end of summer and then we're off on tour with Sam Isaac and his band of madmen. We're looking forward to this very much. They are nice. It's going to be very very nice. Luke Leighfield will be joining us for some dates and he puts the man in madman.

June 13th - Workington, Monroes Bar
June 14th - Leeds, Cockpit
June 15th - Northampton, Roadmender
June 16th - York, Junction
June 17th - Cambridge, Portland Arms
June 19th - Southampton, Hamptons
June 25th - London, Borderline

At some point in this tour we will reach our 100th gig of 2008 which is alot. Yikes. Thanks to you all and thanks to BSM and thanks to anyone who is still reading this!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I've just spent the past hour dreaming up some party ideas. I'm talking boats, gardens, public holidays, multiple cities and a number of sports. Everything's worth celebrating in 2008. I've also had an idea for next year, so get this one in your diary right now...

9th September 2009: 999 party. It'll take place in Bristol (England's 9th most populous metropolitan area), start at 9pm, cost £9 to get in, bands will play songs inspired by their favourite emergency service and anyone who dresses as Michael Buerk from the hit BBC show of the same name will receive a 9p discount on entry. The real Michael Buerk will be allowed in for free, should he have sufficient evidence to prove his identity.

Seeya there!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Holidays for banks

This weekend I decided to take a couple of days off and relax. It's been a very long time since I last did that and it felt good, especially at 10.30 Friday evening when I finished up my vodka and Fanta in the Brixton branch of Carpetright's carpark and wandered across the road to spend the next half an hour or so dancing to the Celtic reggae tones of Paddyrasta, in a busy little venue called Hootananny. Regular readers of this website will already have a fair idea of how excited I get about this band. Easily my favourite Scottish reggae act right now.

The latest episode of his Punktastic Podcast is up online now and features tracks from Secondsmile and Blakfish, as well as an old My Awesome Compilation track from a good few years ago. Give it a listen here. Later this week I'll be doing a phone interview with another podcast (I'll post the link when it goes live) and a new episode - possibly my favourite so far - of the BSM podcast will be up online in very early June. Right now Simon, Andy and Joel are piecing together an Alcopop special, which is due to hit the iTunes shelves before next months end. We've gone web 2.0 crazy around here... I think. Still not exactly sure what that means.

Ever heard of Slagsmålsklubben? Well according to the results of a quick search, iTunes listeners who like Tubelord also like Slagsmålsklubben. I'm an iTunes listener who likes Tubelord, does that mean I like Slagsmålsklubben? Well, I like the name.

After many, many, many ignored voicemails the Linford Christie Sports Centre in London finally called us back and confirmed our booking for the second annual BSM 5-a-side football tournament. Look out for more exciting details soon, but it's fair to say after England's failiure to appear at this years European Championships, and of course Reading's relegation from the Premiership, it's easily THE highlight of this summers footballing calendar.

This blog was brought to you by the sounds of the rubbish British "summertime" weather attempting to smash and flood its way through my walls.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Here's one to bookmark

Time I recommended y'all another new artist.

Stars And Sons

This is a guy I discovered at 3am outside of a Brighton club last Friday night when the ex-Toploader guitarist handed me a CD, whilst Jack Alcopop argued with a bouncer about being thrown out and the length of his hair. Easily one of the strangest ways I've been introduced to a new artist, but I'm so glad it happened. Kinda Ben Foldsy piano pop with a million catchy hooks. 'If It's Good For Me' is a hit single waiting to happen.

And whilst I'm in a tipping sort of mood:

Shield Your Eyes
Check out their new track, recorded by Tim from Part Chimp last week. Currently unmixed but already sounding brilliant, in a dirty, ear-assaulting way. This band features Toby, ex-Meet Me In St Louis vocalist.

The summer soundtrack band for 2008. Hands down. Don't tell me that 'Wake Up Call' and all of it's Weezer-esque pop brilliance isn't the happiest thing you've heard all day. Shut up and sing along.

Dinosaur Pile-Up
Ok so I've mentioned this one a couple of times before, but I still can't get over the amazingness. Just one of a whole host of awesome up and coming Leeds bands. Ignore the lo-fi recording quality and embrace the incredible songwriting.

That should keep you going for a while. If you run out and are thirsty for more, click here and start spending. Plenty there to satisfy your new musical cravings.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

I've got 6 on it

It's now just 5 weeks until the release of our lovely 6 Machine compilation. Continuing the weekly updates below is a guest blog post from band #2, Caesura. But before you launch into that, here are some important facts which you may have missed:
  • The 6 Machine is a compilation featuring 6 up and coming UK bands, as voted for by over 2000 of you earlier on this year
  • It will be released on 23rd June on 10" vinyl and MP3
  • You can pre-order the record now for £6 from this link
  • As you probably know, all online orders receive a free copy of the 50 Not Out CD
  • An MP3 sampler featuring a clip from all 6 tracks is available to download for free and clocks in at 6 minutes and 6 seconds. Scarily, that timing was complete coincidence!
  • There's a very nice review (8/10) in the new issue of Rock Sound
  • Rock Midgets have already given it 4/5 right here

Done and done. Here's Caesura:

Like our esteemed countrymen Blakfish, who have already done something in this vein, we recently made it on to the BSM 6 Machine, which we’re all understandably rather excited about. If you’d told us when we formed that in a couple of years we’d have a track featured on a Big Scary Monsters compilation, we wouldn’t have believed you. All the other bands that made it on, and quite a few who didn’t, are amazing and we’re really proud to be placed in the same league as them. So thankyou to everyone who cast a vote, and BSM for having us!

At the moment we’re busy getting ourselves back into gear after a month or two of being apart, thanks to the wonders of university. But the rest of ’08 should be great, and here’s why:

We’ve just written a new set, which we’re all quite pleased with. We’ve been playing the same songs for over a year now and it’s great to be playing something new at last. Hopefully at some point over the next few months we’ll be recording them to a releasable standard, and we’ll see where they take us.

We have a nice little run of shows over the summer. We’re playing a handful with our very good friends and fellow 6 Machiners The Defeat, a couple with epic soundscapeers Eaststrikewest, and some with long time BSM favourites Secondsmile. We’re also playing Rapturefest 2 at the Face Bar in Reading, featuring the Defeat and math pop superstars Colour (also on the 6 Machine), and a mystery headliner…

Come September and we’re embarking on a mini tour with Secondsmile and Colour, taking in such wonderful cities as London, Cardiff and our hometown Winchester. We can’t really overemphasise how happy we are to be playing these shows, being big fans of both the bands we’re going out with. Living the dream? We might be penniless, hungry and having to cram ourselves and our decaying gear into a Vauxhall Corsa, but I think we can safely say that we are.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for us, and to Kev and BSM. For a full list of dates please visit

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Time of your life

The days are just flying by at the moment.

Friday I went to The Great Escape in Brighton. It was awesome. We drank Pimms on the beach, hung out with friends, made some new ones, saw Tubelord, Sam Isaac, This City and some other great bands, played arcade machines, stumbled across and spent three hours taking advantage of a free hotel bar, went to a club with the ex-Toploader guitarist to witness an amazing Australian live techno act and felt terrible for it all the next morning. This wasn't helped by the awful food at JB's American Diner. If you're in Brighton and find yourself thinking "hmm, I'm really hungry", just keep walking! Having eaten chips for 4 of the previous 4 meals my body was screaming out for something different. What it certainly wasn't ready for, however, was the disgusting pile of sloppy cheese ("mash potato").

Last night we had the BSM Pre-Summer Party at The Enterprise in London. It was a good night and featured brilliant live music from Secondsmile, Blakfish, Cut The Blue Wire and Capitals. Unfortunately the sound guy decided not to show up so we had to run across the road and borrow the one from the Roundhouse, who actually made everything sound a lot better than the last time we put on a gig there, so that was a bit of a blessing in disguise. Disaster number two came when the decks wouldn't work so we had no music between bands. Our stand-in sound guy told Jack that if he was a Trade Union member he wouldn't advise touching the dangerous machines. And then to round it all off we nearly suffered a third, and potentially fatal, disaster as Blakfish's set roared so loudly and featured so much jumping around the ceiling below actually began to crack! And you thought God gave you rock n roll!

The promised 6 Machine information really will follow soon. If you're that bothered you can read most of it at anyway

Just confirmed Secondsmile to play at this years Guilfest alongside Blondie, Kula Shaker and Dodgy. If it's good enough for you it's good enough for me, if it's good enough for two it's what I wanna be. Come on, don't act like you don't know the words. Oh ok, here you go: Govinda Jaya Jaya, Gopala Jaya JayaRadha-ramanahari, Govinda Jaya Jaya, Nrsingadeva JayaNrsingadeva... And so on. Anyone who doesn't remember Kula Shaker's inspired lyrics are going to think I was just whacking my head on the keyboard for the past 10 seconds.

Monday, 19 May 2008


Hi Dad
This is a blog. Hope it makes more sense now

Friday, 16 May 2008

Great Escaping

I'm off to Brighton for some Great Escape action in a bit. Determined not to let this slip into an industry event overloaded with meetings and shop talk I've cleverly(?) arranged to meet everybody within the space of one hour. A difficult, Jack Bauer-esque action packed 60 minutes which will see me running up and down the seafront meeting with two booking agents, three managers and one band. Can I do it? No chance. Am I going to end up messing everything up and annoying a lot of people? Almost certainly. Ah well, as long as I'm on that pier, bottle of Pimms in hand and giving the crazy goalkeeper arcade machine the rematch of his life, that's all that matters. I think I still have my prize tickets from my last trip thinking about. I should dig those out. A free can of coke could soon be mine!

Blakfish have posted a new track from their forthcoming release on - It's called 'My Stomach Feels Like My Throats Been Cut' and is brilliant.

All week I've been meaning to post more information about The 6 Machine but this weekend I really will do it. Sit tight.

Listening through the next episode of the BSM Podcast at the moment. It's a winner, probably my favourite so far. King winner. If you're lonely and want some company this weekend have a listen through the back catalogue on iTunes. 5 hours of entertainment. Or you could just come to Brighton and watch some loser legging it around in the rain meeting music people but dreaming of Pimms. Sigh.

Thursday, 15 May 2008


I tried to befriend the postman this morning. Every day he's forced to knock on my door with a pile of parcels and assorted junk mail too big to squeeze through our pointlessly small letterbox yet we never exchange more than a couple of pleasantries. Today, I decide, is the day I show the man his efforts are appreciated. Opening the door and flashing my most charming of smiles I take the post from him. "What happened to the summer, eh?" I quip. As he looked slowly skywards and then back at me, rain smearing his soggy grey hair across his forehead, pouring off of every peak on his face and soaking through his hangover hell of a bright orange Royal Mail jacket, the wet frown told me this wasn't the right time to joke. Tomorrow I think I'll revert to the old system of ignoring the door, making him leave the mail with the little old lady next door. At least she gets me.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Brits Sing Magically

The ridiculously busy nature of yesterday has followed me across the midnight border and is still yapping at my heels. Here's a bunch of stuff I want to tell you about in a neatly ordered fashion:

1) - you know, that ticket place - are running a competition to win copies of '50 Not Out' and some other BSM goodies. Enter it here. You could also try your luck at The Line Of Best Fit. Or, and this is my favourite, you could buy it for just £4 from

2) To celebrate the fact that The 6 Machine compilation is 6 weeks away from release, I put together a little MP3 sampler of all 6 tracks taken from the record. Weirdly, and I swear this is a total coincidence, it clocked in at exactly 6 minutes and 6 seconds! Spooky.

3) Secondsmile have added 'Years', the title track taken from their forthcoming new album to their Myspace page. Not only can you stream it, but you can also download it. Awesome, yes? They've also added loads of newly confirmed shows including a handful of dates with Rival Schools, one with Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and a couple with Tubelord. Loads more are on their way, too.

4) This Friday I'm off to The Great Escape festival in Brighton. Really looking forward to laying around on the beach and drinking Pimms, although the weatherman is being a prick and mentioned rain, so we might end up drinking in Jack's car yet. I guess we could always go and see some bands? Tubelord play twice, once acoustically and once on the pier, Sam Isaac is also playing, as are BSM favourites Johnny Foreigner, Rolo Tomassi and Tellison. Oh, and so are...

5) The Ting Tings are currently cruising their way to the top-spot in this weeks singles chart. Funny story: Towards the end of last year Jack and I were drunk and sent a 4am Myspace message to the band offering to put something of theirs out on Alcopop. Bet they're gutted they didn't respond to that one now. It's not the first time we've used this tactic to snag a band, and I seriously hope it's not the last.

6) Just realised the above is less of a funny story and more of a pointless Wikipedia tale. Sorry about building up your hopes like that.

7) 'I'll Forgive You For Throwing That Rock Cos That Dance Was Kinda Funny' (I think that's the title anyway, it's too long to remember with ease!) by This Town Needs Guns is now available to purchase from iTunes for just 79p. The song was previously only available on the Record Label Shmecord Label BSM sampler CD from last July.

I think that's a good place to end this round-up. 7 is my 2nd favourite number after all. Now I'm off to the post office and to try and buy some more ink for my disappointingly crap printer.

Here's a picture of an awesome monkey:

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The 6 Machine is back in business!

So much stuff going on today I could fill 20 pages of blogs and still only get half of what I want to say out there. Thankfully, two birds have flown into the same stone and made my job 2% easier.

One of the things I wanted to tell you about, as mentioned below (in amongst the talk of Aero mousse blowing my mind) was a new band. The other thing was the fact that the 6 Machine 10" compilation is back on track and now available to pre-order, with a release date of 23rd June fast approaching. As part of the promotion for said numerical-loving compilation, we're asking the 6 bands to each write guest blog entries. You might remember the ones they all supplied before, back when we were asking you to vote for your favourites? Well, the first band on the compilation is a lovely little group of 4 guys from Birmingham called Blakfish and guess what? Since the 6 Machine voting took place we've heard, loved, and agreed to release their brand new EP! So, with no further ado, may I welcome to the stage our newest BSM family member and the first band from the forthcoming 6 Machine compilation, Blakfish...

Now then, this is the world of Blakfish in a nutshell…

So we made it on to the 6 Machine, it will be the first vinyl release we are included on. This makes us all very happy as we have wanted to get something out on vinyl for ages. I don’t know how many copies we are getting, but we will probably buy at least one copy each, so that’s a few pre-sales already.

Our Van recently exploded next to a petrol station on a main road, we are currently waiting with baited breath to hear what the insurance company have to say about it. Bollocks. You can watch it burn here

On a positive note we are very happy to announce that we will be officially joining the Big Scary Monsters family in the near future with our new 5 track EP ‘See You In Another City’ being released by BSM on the 28th July.

We are currently working on a project called ‘Poverty Rock’ which will include the poorest bands and kindest labels from all around the UK and Eire all together on a lovely CD and a 2 day festival. Look out for more information here

Other than that we will be touring the UK and Eire through-out August and September with the thoroughly annoying ‘Tubelord’. Then the UK again in November with ‘Cut The Blue Wire’ and ‘Outcry Collective’. We also plan to return to the continent and there is a BSM Xmas tour, so it looks like we will be getting very little rest. Amongst all this we need to write, and save up enough cash to record an album to release at the start of next year. I promise you it isn’t half as glamorous as it sounds…

If you London folk are interested and haven’t had the awful experience of seeing us live yet we are playing at the enterprise in Camden on Monday the 19th May with ‘Secondsmile’, ‘Cut The Blue Wire’ and ‘Capitals’. I am sure it will be messy.

Thank you to everyone who voted us on to the 6 Machine, and to all the 12 bands that were short listed, some of which we have had the pleasure of meeting since and have had a lovely time with, others we already knew and spend too much time with as it is, and the rest we have never met but I’m sure we shall pretty soon.

Look out for more details on the 6 Machine, Blakfish and Aero chocolate mousse over the coming weeks

Aero mousse

The day Tesco decided to reduce four-packs of Aero chocolate mousse down to just 55p a go was probably my favourite so far this year. It happened 2 weeks ago now and I still have 7 pots left in the fridge. This isn't an indication of my slow eating, but my over-spending.

I set a new P.B. this morning by starting work at 7.30am, and what a brilliantly New York flavoured start it was too. I had an email from Andrew WK telling me about spending his birthday weekend at his own club which has just opened in the city, Fang Island sending me four brand new demo tracks, Gerard from Radio 4 suggesting we go for a drink when he comes over to the UK in the next couple of months and another NY based band's manager confirming some support dates so exciting I considered cracking open another mousse in celebration. The sun is beating through the window and I'm listening to the Mimas album very loudly. What a wonderful day. Smiley face.

New band news coming later. Maybe tomorrow. Waiting on a final mix of a track to be finished and uploaded before I announce anything. I bet the Beatles never had these kind of waits.

Reading FC relegation analogy of the day: I'd much rather headline the Radio One stage at Reading festival than open the main. (Kevin Douch. 13th May 2008)

Monday, 12 May 2008

Doom and gloom

Well my beloved Reading were relegated yesterday. It was no surprise. Back in March we looked certain to stay up after three great wins but then going 6 games without scoring a goal, coupled with the sudden resurgence of some of our nearest rivals, it wasn't looking good even before a ball was kicked this weekend. I've decided to take the glass half view though. Here's why:

1) We'll be in a league we can actually compete in. I'm not saying we're going to break every record going (currently held by Reading from 3 seasons ago, may I add?) but I do think we'll have enough to finish in the top 6

2) A lot of our players - Shorey, Doyle, Fae, Hunt et al - will pack their bags and head on to pastures new, but that's ok. The money from their sales will see that we certainly don't struggle financially, plus we have a good crop of youngsters in the squad and looking at our buying record, we only really do well when we purchase players on the cheap (Doyle for £80k, Shorey for £25k - bargains!), rather than pretending to be a Preimership big boy.

3) No more rubbish Mark Lawrenson predictions every Saturday

4) We get to face Jack Alcopop's Coventry side at least twice, resurrecting an excellent rivalry and no doubt sparking many outrageous boasts and bets.

Right. I'm not going to dwell on this any longer, lets get on with what's important...

Today I'm off to sit in a pub garden and top up my sunburn/alcohol levels

Tomorrow I'll be announcing a new BSM release. Look out for that

Friday, 9 May 2008

Tubelord t-shirts

As I mentioned a few days ago, I had a bizarre dream about obese boys wearing Tubelord t-shirts. Well, once my cold sweat ran dry I knocked up this design which is at the printers as I type. There are very few of them on their way so place your order quickly if you want one. Remember how I told you the 7" was going to sell out within just a few weeks and then it did? iTunes remembers.

Click on your size, below, to place an order. All shirts come with a free copy of the BSM 50 Not Out compilation CD, as if you needed any extra encouragement!

Purchase: YL / S / M

Review of the week

Apologies for the lack of Myspace Fruit of The Week posts this week, I've been busy and as such haven't had much time to scour the friend requests, let alone check to see if Psycho Tanbad has any new photos of himself with dangerous animals. This week has seen a dissapointing rise in caps-locked band emails though, I must say. This is far from being good news.

Here's my review of the week. It comes from AbsolutePunk and gives the Australian/Japanese This Town Needs Guns album a fine 85%. Well written, clued up and uses good points of reference. Excellent work. 9/10

Speaking of which, TTNG received 1450+ plays on their Myspace page again yesterday, for the second day running. Good times.

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Are you on Facebook? Is this you?

This Town Needs Guns have 1341 plays on their Myspace page so far today, with an hour and a half still to go until the counter resets. I like days like this.

Last night I rediscovered 'The Vowels Pt. 2' by Why? That's not an oddly phrased question by the way, it's just the artist Why?'s choice of punctuation. "Cheeri-a, cheeri-e, cheeri-i, cheeri-o, cheeri-uuuuu" goes the vowel-happy chorus. Listen to it here on Bret from Anathallo's Muxtape.

Yesterday I really burnt myself out. I started work at dead on 8am and as Gem went straight from work to college in the evening I didn't notice the time and accidentally worked straight through to 9pm. I stopped for a bit, looked around the house, got restless, and trudged back to my computer. Feeling seriously tired I had nothing left in the engine... And then it happened. I would say that at least two, if not all three of the ideas I had in the ensuing half an hour would easily slide into my 'top 10 ideas for 2008 so far' list. If said list existed. Which it should, and probably will next time I'm looking for distraction. I'm not going to tell you what these incredible brainwaves were but you'll find out about all three over the coming months. If I remember, I'll try and reference back to this post when each one is announced, so that you can check them off and sleep easy once again. I wouldn't want anyone suffering from my creativity. That would be unfair.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Spring break

I've been getting quite lazy recently. I filled my giant office bin with paper, CDs and other crap about 3 weeks ago but instead of disposing of it I decided I'd start to fill an empty cardboard box and then get rid of it all later on. Problem is, once I finished that box I started a second. And when that was finished, a third appeared. So there I was, in a small loft conversion of an office with an overflowing bin and three boxes full of junk, leaving hardly enough room for me and my collection of empty glasses which I was too lazy to take down to the kitchen. At this stage, any normal person would have chucked the lot but not me, oh no. I simply started to fill my seat with rubbish. So for the past few days I've been sitting here, perched on the edge of my chair spewing screwed up pieces of paper and battered old envelopes every time I spin around. Bouyed by the sight of spring, I've decided to clean up my act this morning and am off to fetch a couple of bin bags the very second I finish writing this. Well, maybe...

Come to our pre-summer party. It's in London on Monday 19th May and will be brilliant! We have four awesome live bands, guest DJs, free things and some loon dressed like an extra from Cool Runnings. A pretty normal night out in Camden, perhaps, but humour me and say you'll come.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Old Man vs Bin Man

The fat old man who lives in the house opposite has been standing, hands on hips, at the end of his drive for the past half an hour. In the last couple of minutes he's given up his frowning and has started muttering something about hating bin men. In the distance I can hear their lorry getting closer and with every passing minute my anticipation of an incredible battle grows. This could be the best thing ever. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

I ended the bank holiday weekend in style yesterday, laying around next to the Thames which runs along the bottom of a friends garden, enjoying the heat, watching passing boats, drinking strawberry cider and playing cards. Beautiful. I'm so very, very English.

Back to work today and it's busy as usual. Later on this week we'll be rolling out a free Secondsmile MP3 download so I'm just getting things set for that, as well as organising a couple of tasty looking remixes which will find their way out online sometime soon, I'm sure. Cut The Blue Wire's debut digital single is out on Alcopop next week, so I'm also busy working that one as well as daydreaming up some nice looking tours for the rest of the year.

Last night I had a dream that two miserable fat kids walked past me, both wearing Tubelord t-shirts. One was dark green and featured the logo from the bands old demo, the other was bright yellow and had the logo from the Feed Me A Box Of Words 7" on and it looked stunning! So stunning, infact, that I woke up this morning and I knew I must have one! I'm sending the logo over to the printers in a bit and will be a proud owner within a week. I'll get a few extra ones knocked up too, for anyone out there who might share my vision of summery yellow shirts.

Update: Old man gone back to frowning, bin men still not here. Suspense: massive

Friday, 2 May 2008

No sleep for the weak

What do you do when you have a meeting in London at 5pm, yet sitting in your house in Oxford at 3.30pm you realise there's absolutely no way you're going to make it on time? I'll tell you what you don't do. You don't re-arrange the meeting for 10am the following morning, pick up a bottle of vodka, catch the next bus to the big smoke, hit a couple of pubs, a gig, a swing dance night at a gay club and then drink until 6.30am. Unfortunately I've never been one for practicing what I preach, so there I was, sprawled out on Sam Get Cape's hardwood floor, accidentally headbutting his coffee table every time I attempt to roll over, getting angry about the combination of the biggest windows I've ever seen, the early morning sunshine and the trains whizzing past every 2 minutes on the track literally yards away. Half an hour of sleep and an hour long trip across London isn't the ideal start when you finally reach your re-scheduled meeting. Could be worse, could've had to record an Xfm live session today.

In amongst the tragedy of last night I did manage to catch Copy Haho live and they were bloody brilliant! I love the fact that they spit out such amazing pop songs and then throw in a ballsy, twisting and turning instrumental track, just because they can! Unfortunately their day was marred with even more drama than my own. Having left their very north Scotland home of Stonehaven at 7am, they arrived in London to find that their bass amp had packed up working for no reason whatsoever, their snare broke halfway through the gig, their van was broken into and sat nav stolen whilst dancing to the aforementioned swing, and then had to get up and start the 9 hour return trip home at 7am. It's hangovers and sleep deprivation everywhere you look today.

This bank holiday I intend to watch 24, order pizza's (plural) and sleep until I can sleep no more.

Thursday, 1 May 2008


I live in a very strange place. It's essentially a tiny little village but inside of a busy city. The local community centre is made of wood and holds regular Girl Scouts meetings and cake sales. The old man next door has lived here for 53 years and a car doesn't go by without him making a mental note of the driver and number plate. The couple who run the local shop are on first name terms with every one of their patrons and the pub a few yards away from where I sit right now has a sign outside advertising a "gentlemen's evening" taking place in a couple of weeks. The last serious crime committed in these here parts, according to the curtain twitchers next door, was "when that biker gang moved in not so long ago." It turns out that when they say "not so long ago", they actually mean 15 years ago. Over the past couple of weeks things have taken an extra step towards madness, however, as the residents have begun writing to one another attempting to influence our votes in todays local election. Yesterday alone I received four personally addressed, handwritten notes TELLING me who I should be backing and exactly why (with key points nearly underlined) I shouldn't even consider any of the others. I'd estimate there about 1000 houses in my little faux-village, probably with an average of two voters each. There must be a lot of old ladies with their wrists on ice right now.

Late last night the masters for the Blakfish EP came through. I haven't officially announced this one yet so lets call it a Blog Scary Monsters exclusive. The 5 track CD will be out this summer, in time for the band to tour the UK throughtout August with Tubelord and then head off to Europe for September. 'Preparing For Guests' (as heard over at and on the forthcoming 6 Machine compilation 10" of ours) has been re-recorded and sounds bigger, beefier and meaner than even before. It's a really interesting record and is quite different to anything we've put out for a while now, with Meet Me In St Louis being the only vague comparison from the roster. Look out for more Blakfish talk coming at ya over the next few weeks, mother licka's.