Saturday, 12 April 2008

Working 9 til 5

Dashboard was suitably emo last night. I think he must have played for two hours but I missed the first half due to due to vodka related activities. Here's a picture of the happy gang. We eventually agreed to have our picture taken with Mr Confessional. He was having the time of his life.

Today is Saturday but there's no rest for the wicked. Right now I'm burning loads of Secondsmile promo CDs for press. I have one of those duplicating machines which knocks out 3 at a time but it seems to be broken, or at least, part-broken. So now that's down to doing 1 at a time I have a system setup which basically sees me running between that, this computer and the one on the other side of the room, setting a new CD going on them all roughly every 2 minutes. It's like spinning plates. Brilliantly musical plates.

I bought some red paper from everyones favourite book-cum-stationary-cum-random junk shop, The Works a few weeks ago on my Mum's recommendation. It kinda looks like material and gives the impression of being a lot more expensive than the £4 I paid for 100 sheets. I'm printing a basic sleeve design onto that right now and it looks quite nice so have decided to knock up some special one track Secondsmile CDs which I'm going to send out with all of my mailorders this week. I hope people like them. I hope they think the paper's expensive.

I just got involved in a thread on the infamous Drowned In Sound forum and posted a completely inappropriately long message. oops.

As per usual I have a ridiculous bet on today. 15p (that's right, fifteen pence) on Villa, Sunderland, Spurs, Pompey, Cardiff, Palace, Charlton, Hull, Southend, Yeovil, Peterborough and MK Dons to all win. Not sure what it'll net me. Hopefully enough to get the CD duplicator fixed. All this running around is tiring.

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