Thursday, 17 April 2008

Under achieving

It's 12pm, I've been up for 4 hours yet feel I have achieved nothing thus far. In an attempt to rectify I head over to Blog Scary Monsters with the intention of venting loads of inane crap. Will this help my under-achieving feelings? Will it fuck.

Please excuse my french.

I'm still enjoying the fruits of my itunes shuffling today. We've just had Biffy Clyro followed by Audrey. Earlier on saw two Get Up Kids tracks back to back followed by Andrew WK. The joy was astounding, I nearly put my head through my difficultly low ceiling. At the time I was also working on the BSM Summer Collection flyer. I gave myself a brief of combining as many sunshine-inspired happy thoughts as possible and it's shaping up nicely. A little piece of summery ecstasy, you could say.

So This Town Needs Guns are in the middle of recording their debut album. They've been in the studio for two long weekends so far and have one, possibly two more to come. As I mentioned somewhere down below, I have a collection of animal-named rough mixes on my computer (although itunes has so far chosen to ignore them in it's shuffling state) and they sound amazing. I think y'all gonna enjoy this record. If you want a taste, check out this short video of studio action:

In the next couple of days I will return with the link for the very-soon-to-be-published Secondsmile podcast episode and a guest blog entry (of sheer madness) from Tubelord, including news on their summer touring plans. Good times all round, blogosphere. Itunes has just coughed up some Jimmy Eat World for me. That's my cue to get a bowl of Kellog's Crunch Nut Clusters which I forgot I bought last night. How's that for achieving, eh?

The Difficulties of Finding Home Working Motivation 1 - Kevin Douch 1

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