Monday, 21 April 2008

Tubelord guest blog entry

Here's a lovely (if a little weird) blog entry from Tubelord about all sorts of nonsense and their upcoming tour plans. Enjoy. Safe.

hello dear children men and woman of the internet.

so...touring's pretty fucking mint. especially when you get the chance to meet some pretty inspiring people, hear the most inspiring new music, and get to gig with some of your most favourite bands ever. i can't complain. good times.

anyone who came to a show, safe for coming along, i hope we weren't too shambolic (we probably were... if you thought that then all i have to say to you is gutted!!... i hope you really fucking hated it). and to those of you who bought stuff you helped re-pay debts which is always nice :)

if i could take away any new found knowledge from the tour, it would be credit card suicide.
I ask you dear reader of t'internet, what better way to leave this world (die) than to be zip-lining between two hot-air balloons? is that all? nah nah nah...because their are cows surrounding the hot-air balloon vicinity and they're strapped to MASSIVE helium balloons. Your mission is to uzi the helium balloons and simply watch the cows float and splat onto the ground. OH!...the death takes part when you decide to jump off of the zip-line and plunge to your death into the middle
of the north pole, hopefully landing (exploding) directly on to a mass of penguins..(and cow parts)
That's what happens to your relatively sane thought pattern after 8-hours straight in a van having been severely intoxicated by Blakfish's (pecketts) farts. rank. but good times.

ANYWAY!!! more important and better things are happening NOW than in the past.

yesterday we were 'firmed as first-on-the-bill for Johnny Foreigner's headline tour late may/early june to promote their absolutely MINT debut album. I can't remember the exact places but they are all beautiful. Have a look on our myspace to see where we're playing. I am
completely adament that this will be one of the greatest few days of my life. sick.

ALLLLLLLLso. We are main supports for Tellison on their Summer tour (22nd July-7th August) and that is gonna be bare jokes. we're gonna be like "WE'RE BIGGER THAN TELLISON!!" and they're gonna be like "nah bruv you're not 'cuz your supporting us innit, shut your boat and sit back down"... la la la.

errrm. new songs have been written, if you want to hear them come to a gig and we'll play them. if you don't want to come to a gig then why are you interested in what i've typed thus far? dick.

STRAIGHT after the Tellison your we will be staying on the road and joining Blakfish throughout august and september, visiting mainland europe in the process and returning to Ireland. bangin'. After that (or maybe before) i think we'll be releasing the next single through
BSM again. It's title is currently under-wraps but it will be fucking jokes i promise.

i was gonna plug some important gigs and whatevs but just have a gander on our myspace page, i think Great Escape is pretty key...erm....barden's boudouir with elle milano and maths class should be mint aaaaaaaaaaand.....Del can you think of any?! the Peel?! saturday?!......nah me neither.

ok safe. loadsa shirts are being made real soon, but keep enjoying yourselves, tell more people you love them because it's always nice to hear that :)

safe safe.

p.s. we love everyone in ireland, you're all amazing.

and have a teeny face.


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