Friday, 4 April 2008

That's what she said

The next new Secondsmile track is up online, give it a listen -

Right, that's enough work talk for today, it's Friday yo!

The second part of my new Myspace Fruit Of The Week feature has unfortunately fallen through. It was a beauty as well. It was one of those classic dickheads who messages you saying "I love your band" although you're clearly not a band "Pay me $500 and I'll make you famous". I'm not in a band but even I found it difficult to turn that offer down! Unfortunately Tom and his crack team of profile erasers caught up with the lad before I had a chance to learn an instrument and run to the bank, so until next week I recommend you scroll down and give Psycho Tanbad and his massive dog another spin.

Anyone a fan of the US version of The Office? People who write it off as being a poor copy of the UK favourite is every sort of wrong! Wait until series two, when they've got the UK scripts out of the way and watch it come into its own. The characters develop in different ways, the storylines expand and it takes on a whole separate identity. Having seen every episode up to the point of the frustratingly life-affecting writers strike I've just started them all again and feel like celebrating!

Obviously if you've never seen the show, the above (heavily edited, may I add?) clip will mean little to you but within context is absolutely brilliant. That's what she said.

(I realise the above makes no sense but after 10 minutes of failing to come up with a suitable sentence to sum up the clip and work the line "that's what she said" into, it's the best you're gonna get, alright?)

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