Saturday, 19 April 2008

Secondsmile podcast

Todays hangover is bought to you courtesy of Koppaberg Pear Cider and Tesco Value vodka.

Good news is that the Secondsmile podcast has finally gone live on itunes. Round of applause for Apple, please. Featuring a couple of tracks taken from the forthcoming album, an old one and some of the bands favourite other artists, you can download it via itunes or as an MP3. We're all about giving you options.

The next proper episiode of the podcast will be online towards the end of next week and having just been listening to it now I can honestly tell you it's a bit of a winner.

No outrageous 15p football accumulators today, I'm too nervous about Reading's game with Arsenal and our questionnable Premier League survival to concern myself with winning millions. Fame and fortune can wait a couple of weeks, this is tense.

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