Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Myspace Fruit Of The Week - Number 3

Continuing my new series of Myspace Fruit Of The Week, the latest entry comes thanks to a friend and her keen eye for a weirdo (or should I say, musical talent?) on Myspace. Said friend works for a well known UK music festival so I'm writing this whilst hoping and praying she'll do the right thing and make us all very happy this summer with the booking of...

Gaz Reynolds

If you know a more English man than Gaz Reynolds, put your hand up now. Nobody? Didn't think so. Gaz is the very epitome of British. His bulldog features, his EastEnders accent, his flabby pale body and his excellent hard house beats. That's right, hard house beats. If Gaz wasn't the wrong side of 40 he could be the best up and coming DJ this isle has ever seen. Check out this brilliant video of (apparently one-toed) Gaz in India, talking about his injury, the weather and a clip of his absolutely incredible music video.

For fans of: The UK

Listen to: Everything he's ever recorded

Link: www.myspace.com/gazworld

Collection of CD covers:

Which is your favourite? They're all winners in my eyes

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