Friday, 25 April 2008

Half a century

So as of Monday BSM is 50 releases old. To mark the occasion I hired a stripper:

What a party.

Lots of people have already bought the 50 Not Out compilation and there have been some really lovely messages on a couple of forums and via email, so a huge thanks to everyone for those, it's much appreciated. If you haven't yet purchased the CD, it's £4 from or free with any purchase.

Tonight Secondsmile cruise into Oxford for some live music and drunken dancing fun. They were due to support Oxford Collapse but rumour has it that they've pulled out. Probably just as well, I didn't like that poorly named omen anyway. The Collapse are, however, playing Barden's Boudoir in London this Sunday with Shield Your Eyes (Toby from MMISL's band) and Blakfish, so you should all probably go to that really.

STOP PRESS! Psycho Tanbad update: Amazing new photo added to Myspace. Looks like ol' Psycs has traded his massive bulldog in for some birds of prey. Smart move, Tanbad, smart move.

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