Monday, 7 April 2008

Good ol' blighty

When I posted those Grand National predictions, I wasn't joking. King John's Castle, my middle namesake, came in 2nd at odds of 20/1 and Bewley's Berry was a respectable 5th at around 17/1 (if you placed the bet when I wrote the blog - he dropped to around 12's on the day), which you will have won money on if, like me, you placed your bet with Paddy Power who were paying on top 5 finishes, and also gave a 10% bonus on all wins. My 3rd prediction, Butler's Cabin, unfortunately fell at the 22nd fence when looking good. You'll listen to me next time won't you?

Saturday night I enjoyed a tremendously UK moment. Sitting in a Hungry Horse pub, somewhere deep in a rural part of Peterborough. Every single square inch of the place was covered in England flags, the TVs were blasting out the Amir Khan fight, the two fat women on the table next to me had their tree-trunk arms covered in tattoo's as they smashed down huge plates of food and pints of beer and a drunken man in a football shirt stood up and started singing "we're blue, we're white... I want a fight". An excellent night, really. No wonder so many tourists flock here every year.

Later on I'm going to post the new This Town Needs Guns video. It's good, I think you'll like it. Check back about 4pm, y'all

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