Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Dillinger Escape Quo

Is it just me or does Lemsip taste like crap? I've just made my first mug for the day and it's sitting here looking smugly up at me. Little bastard. Even two sugars and a load of honey won't save this one.

Here's an awesome video:

I'm still listening to the Secondsmile album a lot. My favourite song changes daily but overall I think 'Stars Away' just about tops the poll, and good news for you lot is that's the one we're putting up online tomorrow. Less good news, however, is that it'll only be there for two weeks! Time to start cancelling plans and booking time off work, your new addiction is just 24 hours away.

Just been reading on the Sub-Pop website about how they're celebrating their 20th anniversary. That's quite something. I've always been aware of the label and their bands but couldn't call myself a huge fan. That's not to say I dislike what they do, not at all, I just don't really follow too many other labels so don't feel I know enough to call it one way or the other. 20 years is a massive achievement, though. I wonder if BSM will make it that far? If it does I'll be 37 years old and at our current release rate will have a back catalogue of 133.3333333 releases. It's kinda strange to think that far ahead. Did Mr Sub-Pop (or Mrs Sub-Pop?) ever think they'd reach the 20 year landmark? I'd like to think they muddled through and were as surprised as everyone else when they realised it was on the horizon. According to a lot of articles and interviews I've read over the years many of the super-indies began in the same way as myself and nearly every other current small label did, but it's impossible to imagine getting from where we are now, with our 1000 CD pressings and DIY tours to where a label like Sub-Pop is and it's phone number-sized sales figures. Still, it's a nice dream to hold onto. If BSM made it to that size maybe I'd be able to afford to turn the heating on during the day and stop catching so many colds?

Oh how I hate you, Lemsip.

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