Sunday, 16 March 2008

Weird timing / Good times

I'm writing this whilst multi-taking my little head off. On this computer I'm busy emailing loads of bands about a very special release (details coming soon), listening through a Tubelord CD I just burnt to make sure it plays ok, watching the BBC Football page refresh as the Spurs v Man City game reaches its final minutes, designing a little animation for the aforementioned special release, and most importantly, downloading the brand new Secondsmile masters. All the while on the second computer, a couple of feet to my left, I am looking through some photos from our trip to New York back in January, downloading the latest episode of Lost (naughty) and burning a couple of episodes of Prison Break (more naughty). I'm also starting to get hungry, so might have to add some form of cooking into my already busy multi-tasking schedule. Two hands are never enough.

Hopefully from the above paragraph you latched onto the bit which said "most importantly" and the words which followed it, but just incase you didn't, here we go again: THE BRAND NEW SECONDSMILE MASTERS. That's right, they're here and they're finished. I can't tell you how they sound as I haven't listened yet, but what I should tell you is that they WILL sound brilliant. Believe that.

Strangely today is exactly one year since I first received the tracks for MMISL's Variations On Swing album. What a delightful coincidence. From now on 16th March will be a Big Scary Monsters National Holiday where it's tradition that a band finishes and delivers brilliant music on this day every year.

Friday night I went to a bizarre party. It was at a house in Oxford owned by a couple of hippies who have spent a lot of time decorating the place to make it rather odd! The front room looks like a forest, the bathroom has papier mache tree roots covering the walls, toilet and sink, upstairs is a red room with a sponge floor and hammocks across the ceiling, up another floor is the main bedroom with a video screen filling one whole wall and a huge waterbed taking up the floor, in the garden there's a large teepee with a fire constantly burning, and behind there, hidden amongst some bushes, is a hot tub filled with naked old people. Until 6am I drank lots, chatted to weirdo's about how many drugs they were on and games of ping-pong they'd been playing using a dark room and torches stuck to their heads, saw a 65 year old man in a dressing gown getting jiggy with a 20 year old girl in only a bra, fell asleep in a hammock and then finally passed out in front of the teepee fire. It was quite a night and suffice to say I've been paying the price since!

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