Monday, 10 March 2008

The Weddingmakers

Good weekend? It was birthday season round these 'ere parts. My mum's celebrations Friday night followed by three friends Saturday (not to mention a couple in other parts of the country I couldn't make it to) made it an eventful, food-filled couple of days before Sunday's standard day of kicking back infront of the TV. Saturday afternoon I bet on 8 teams to win, £2 staked to net £150 profit. With 25 minutes left to play in them all, all 8 were going to plan! A very anxious 20 of those minutes passed, with my fingers boaring evermore into the sofa, before it happened. Up stepped Jimmy Bullard to knock in a free kick against Blackburn, bringing his side back to level terms and sending me out with another disappointing 7 out of 8 hit rate. Good going, in one respect, not so good in the financial respect. My mind was already filled with massive curries and celebratory vodka. Damn you, Jimmy Bullard, damn you!

Sticking with the footballing theme, my favourite Scottish side, the plucky Gretna, are possibly going into administration today. Or maybe even worse, with rumours that they mat not even be able to finish the season floating about! Having been a non-league English side until the turn of the century, Gretna became the first team in Scottish football history to win consecutive promotions, taking them from Division 3 new boys to SPL strugglers, with an FA Cup final appearance and brief fling with the Uefa Cup along the way. Unfortunately now, with their multi-millionaire owner ill in hospital, there's no one to sign the cheques, their ground is in ruins, they're rooted to the bottom of the table and half their team are on loan. The realities of running a Premiership football club based in a village with a population of just 3000 are coming home. It's been a short story of thrills and spills, but with the end seemingly close, I wanted to share this with you. Below is the club's official song from their triumphant FA Cup final appearance, beautifully written and performed by the interestingly named Hugh Trowers Band.

Only three and a half hours until the 6 Machine voting ends and winners will be announced right here this afternoon. When I checked it last night there were just TWO votes between 6th and 7th places. It's going all the way!

Update: Today is Andy from House of Brothers and Henry from Pennines birthdays. It really is birthday season!

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