Thursday, 13 March 2008

The weather outside is frightful

I just couldn't be bothered with the outside world yesterday. I worked pretty much straight through from 8am til 11pm, only stopping on a couple of occasions to get some food and watch an episode of Prison Break, my wouldbe Lost replacement as I try and hang on until the next episode on Sunday. It hurts to be back in the realm of once-a-week TV. I'm completely pro-downloading TV, just stay away from the music, kids! Anyway yeah, I just couldn't be bothered. My office is a converted loft space at the top of our house. The neighbours say the landlady had it done so she could sell it as an extra bedroom but only when it was finished she realised you wouldn't even fit a cat's basket up here, and that's before you factor in the hazardous stairs. Unfortunately for one overseas Doctor and his family who moved into the property a few years back, they weren't aware of the rooms size and as such, their two young children spent a very unhappy year sharing this space, but that's a story for another day.

The windows are at angle following the roofs slide and it's always warm up here. Over the windows are these very fetching blue blinds which I use as reality blockers. Yesterdays reality was wind and rain. I kept the blinds firmly shut for the whole day, deciding that the sound alone of the shitty weather was more than enough for me, and so set about a busy day whilst convincing myself it's all sunshine and happiness outside. The warmth, coupled with my 'glass half full' outlook and summer hits MP3 mix-tape kept up the illusion and I was a happy man.

Here's a video of Dave from Maps and Atlases. You've probably seen this before, everyone seems to have, but it's still awesome so quit your moaning.

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