Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Two quick thoughts

Today's been a typically non-stop rollercoaster of fun and breakneck working speeds. Here are two of the highlights:

As you can see from the above visual aid, NME described BSM as an "ever impressive DIY titan." They said some stuff about Tubelord as well, but come on people, lets focus on what's important here: Ever impressive DIY titan.

The second highlight also comes in picture form:

Give your eyes the second they deserve to adjust and then sit back and enjoy this feast of beauty.

After three hours of careful consideration I'm still unsure as to what my favourite part of this flyer is. Is it:

a) The Word Art in the centre, last spotted in 1994?
b) The Vintage Rockbar venue's name and the wonderful images it counjours?
c) The fact that it was a personal invitation to me - a resident of Oxford - to attend this talent show all the way up in Doncaster on a Sunday afternoon?
d) Absolutely everything about it? Or
e) The fact that I probably put something together much the same when I was 16?

Oh to be young and free on Microsoft Word Art once again. Crazy times.

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