Wednesday, 12 March 2008


When running a record label every now and again you can't help but get the feeling that certain bands are starting to rule your life. For much of last year it was Meet Me In St Louis. This Sunday is exactly one year to the day from when I first received the recordings for their glorious debut, and only, album 'Variations On Swing'. From that day on, and many before it in all honesty, I thought about that band, spoke about that band, wrote about that band and listened to that band constantly. There were even a few occasions I had dreams about the band, as much as it pains me to admit it! They pretty much ruled my life in 2007, for better and for worse.

2008 is shaping up to be a busier year than last with more bands, releases and tours booked into the Big Scary Monsters stable for the next 9 months. This means that instead of having one band controlling my brain, I'm going to have about 10, each vying for attention, love and the knowledge that their musical output is in safe hands. Anathallo were the first to step up. With their single and tour crossing the bridge between January and February, along with the associated wonderful press they so deservedly received, they were the first name out of my mouth at the start of each working day on more days than I care to remember.

Today I've realised that we have a new front-runner. Tubelord, the pesky 3-piece from Kingston. Musically they've enjoyed more than their fair share of my time since recording their 4 newest tracks towards the end of last year, but now they seem to have taken over everything else.

As you can see from yesterdays post, the band have a lovely piece in today's NME, their first proper UK tour begins right here on BSM turf, Oxford, tomorrow before winding up in Ireland at the end of the month, their debut 7" single is out in just 2 weeks time and now we have their promo video up online. They're becomming increasingly more and more difficult to ignore, a pattern which I don't foresee changing for a very long time now.

Please take 4:17 of your time to enjoy the video and spare a thought for my poor, musically-ravaged brain as it tries to comprehend everything going on around us right now. Next stop, Secondsmile.

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