Friday, 21 March 2008

This Town Needs Album

As the grammatically-disappointing title hints at, This Town Needs Guns begin recording their debut album today. Heading back to The Lodge studio in Northampton where their two previous releases were laid down, the guys will be working on 9 tracks over the next 7 days, before going back in next month to add some overdubs, tidy them up and record a couple more songs. It's going to be a fairly drawn-out process with the full record set for completition in early June, but with the increased studio time comes increased listening back and writing time, so you can rest assured that this record is going to sound every bit as incredible as you're sitting there hoping it will.

Last night the guys had a final run-through of the tracks in their shed, with an audience of just two, not including the fleas who inhabit the soundproofing mattresses against the bak wall. If you're a fan of the bands work to date I think you're going to love the new songs. Live recordings and rough demos will hopefully start to surface in the next month or two, a single is planned for August, but the album itself won't be available until October. Sit tight.


Robbb said...

Can't wait for this to come out, my ears are trembling just thinking about how loud I'm going to unleash it upon them :)

site said...

This won't truly have success, I think this way.