Friday, 7 March 2008


I've always avoided using the generic Myspack "oh I'll say it flippantly as if to suggest I don't give a crap but really I spend most of my life on there" term for everyone's favourite Social Network website, but titling a blog post "Myspace" just seemed a little bit shit.

I've been having this problem with my "Myspack" page over the past few weeks in that every now and again I go on there and my top friends - usually 16 BSM related bands and labels - have somehow changed to a selection of random people, artists and absolute prats. I'll sit there and painstakingly change them all back, which will be fine for a while, only to return a few hours later and see it's happened again! I changed my password, fearing I'd been 'phished' but that didn't help. I emailed Myspace and explained the problem but all they could offer was their typical "we'll sort it" response. This morning I logged on to find my page once again filled with strangers and weirdo's but for the first time in too long I decided to leave it open and let the MP3 player scroll through its 6 tracks.

I don't want to seem arrogant here, but it's really good! The 6 bands in question; Anathallo, Tubelord, Meet Me In St Louis, This Town Needs Guns, House of Brothers and Itch, compliment one another perfectly and make for quite a nice little compilation and a bit of a date stamp on where the label sits right now. But before this starts to sound like an ego trip of repulsive proportions, I'd just like to take the time to give the bands a massive pat on the back and say thanks. You've reminded me why I have the best job in the world and you've also stopped me from throwing my bowl of Frosties through the monitor at my 16 dickhead top 'friends'.

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