Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Myspace Fruit Of The Week

As you probably very well know, there are a whole load of weirdo's out there in Myspace-land. Well I've decided to introduce a new feature to Blog Scary Monsters entitled 'Myspace Fruit Of The Week' where I will bring to your attention a new stranger (in every sense of the word) who has amused me. It's the music equivelant of standing next to your ugly mate in a club, keep an eye on the feature over the next few weeks and you'll truly learn to appreciate the splendour of the BSM roster. First up...

Psycho Tanbad

This rude boi rapper from London, New York, Miami and Jamaica (quite impressive for one man) sounds like Sean Paul - my most hatest "musician" of all time, FYI - crossed with Shaggy. Having requested the friendship of BSM a number of weeks ago I've left him pending whilst considering jacking in this indie lark and taking the label down a very different avenue. Sadly for Pyscho I'm not a complete dickhead and won't be signing any ridiculously shite rappers anytime soon. Indie 4eva, soz.

Status: Friendship rejected

Listen to: Body Nuh Crawny

Link: www.myspace.com/psychotanbad

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