Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Love is in the air

As Jack and the rooster's eyes met for the first time across the gravelly surface, you knew it was love. The cartoon hearts fluttered around their heads and from that moment on, they were one.

With an excellent bank holiday weekend behind me I'm sitting here looking, smelling and struggling like a shell of a human being. A heavy pub crawl through all three bars in the village of Gretna, winding up being hustled at pool, talked about as "those lads who ain't from round 'ere" by some old men in the toilets and crashing a 40th birthday party in the local Social club was the tale of Saturday. Sunday saw us enjoying a much-tighter-than-the-scoreline-suggests 3-0 victory for Celtic over Gretna, a home game for the latter, albeit 150 miles West due to many stadium and adminstration complications. This was followed by a quick, accidental drive through Dedridge, a small town which does itself no favours by more than living up to it's name and easily winning the Kevin Douch 2008 award for Bleakest Town, before we arrived in Edinburgh. A fine city, as many of you are aware, I'm sure, we squeezed in all the sightseeing we could muster in the final 30 minutes of daylight, before beginning drinking, eating free Subway and starting a night-long battle with Scottish quiz machines, losing more than our accomodation for the night would cost. Ending in a club where they played Capdown followed by Finch, with all drinks £1 and over 100 spent between us, Monday's 8 hour drive home was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. And I was only a passenger!

Hot off the BSM news desk...

This Town Needs Guns have begun recording their debut album. Drums, guitar and bass have been laid down for a small number of tracks, with vocals and small overdubs to be added this coming weekend. The band will be working on the rest of the record slowly over the next two months, but keep checking www.thistownneedsguns.com for regular updates.

Tubelord are still out on tour and having a great time of it. They're off to Ireland today for four shows and lots of Guinness. Check out this weeks NME for a live review of last Monday's London show.
Anathallo have added a track from their forthcoming new album to www.myspace.com/anathallo - it's my joint favourite track from the record and I hope you'll love it too.

Secondsmile are off for a few dates with their new favourite band, Colour, in early April. They'll also be recording a special episode for the BSM podcast, which will feature a couple of new tracks from the album. Speaking of which, one will be up on their Myspace page later this week.

I'm still busy working on the special release I vaguely mentioned last week. More details of that to follow shortly, but it's shaping up brilliantly.

Now I'm off to eat leftover Lamb and watch Neighbours, no doubt tuning into BBC1 for 5 minutes before remembering I'm four channels short.

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