Monday, 31 March 2008

I'm the Statman

The start of another grey, overcast week in Oxford. How many of your forgot to change your clocks and overslept today? Come on, admit it. Today is the last day of the month which means that a good lot of you out there will be out and about flittering away your pay cheques on frivolous activities, toys and fun. Unfortunately, being self-employed without a dedicated wage it's not quite so fun for me. The end of the month means no pay cheque, but lots of lovely, lovely bills. The worst combination. Oh what I'd do to have it the other way around!

A few months back regular readers may remember I posted a little message regarding the blog stats, who's reading it and where in the world these people are. Well here's the update I figured (4/10 for that pun) that you'd all be desparate to know how the leaderboard is looking now. Here are the highlights:

The country of Panama have entered the race with one person checking this page out. Once. Come back, Panama, we still love you!

Russia currently boasts just 7 visitors, which is more than a little disappointing considering the size of the country. I hereby promise to write more posts about vodka, misiles and Viktor Onopko. I'll make it relevant for you yet, this is a multinational family here!

Philippines have shot up to a delightful 5 visitors, which is great news! Cheers Philippinos!

Denmark are currently outclassing the others in the battle for dominance in Scandinavia, offering 37 vistiors compared to a decent 21 from Sweden, tired 11 from Norway and a lacklustre 4 from Finland.

And now to you, Africa: 1 visit from South Africa and that's it for the whole continent! Come on! Pull your socks up, people!

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Snævar said...

YES! Go Denmark!!