Thursday, 27 March 2008

Another day another STUPID video

How is it that it can absolute piss it down all day yesterday yet today is full of glorious sunshine? I just don't understand it. Neither did my sweat glands as I trekked into town in my big coat.

Mother Nature: get your head in the game, blud.

Remembering a previous conversation with Dave from the band, as well as the opening line from the NME feature, for some reason I started thinking about Tubelord and, more specifically, how to dance to them. Stop-start rhythms and awkward time signatures coupled with hooky, sing-along vocals make it a musical contradiction of shapes and sounds, likely to confuse even the most professional amongst you. Well good news, because help is at hand. Here's an educational video I just threw together on the matter:

Sorted? Sorted.

Tonight I'm off to see My First Tooth playing the Port Mahon in Oxford. It's probably the most front room-like venue I've ever been to and after a number of visits I still can't decide if I like it or not. Maybe I'll make a decision tonight? I'll report back tomorrow so not too keep you all hanging on too long.

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jack said...

Any more thoughts on whether you like the Port Mahon? Oxford, sir, is screaming to know!